10 Simple Car Maintenance Tips for a Car Lover!

If you are as fascinated and passionate about your car as you were when you collected those car model cut-outs from magazines, you are a true car lover. Being one, you know how enthralling it is to see a sparkly new car parked in your garage with the alloy wheels shining at the base.

Of course, cars need regular servicing and maintenance to keep them in perfect riding condition for long. It not only ensures a better driving experience but also that you pass your MOT in Totton.

A few tips to help you through for maintaining the novelty of your prized possession!

#1: Keep Them Covered At All Times

When you are not driving; no matter where your car is parked, put a body cover over your vehicle. Note to buy a cover that is waterproof, as it will give protection against water, sunlight, and scratches. Make sure it covers everything including your car tyres Totton. Also, avoid keeping it in direct sunlight.

#2: Change The Wiper Blades

Wiper blades degrade by the end of the year. So, they require annual replacement. Replace your car’s wiper blades every year before the rainy season to let it give the best performance.

#3: You Cannot Afford Any Scratches To The Dashboard

Cover your car’s dashboard with a dashboard cover. It will protect the panel from any scratches or UV damage, thus keeping it as good as new.

#4: Install Car Safety Guards

A car’s bumper bears the maximum risk of a collision or a brush-through. Install a safety guard for the bumper to keep it safe from any crash. You can also save the doors with a door guard. You can go to a nearby service centre like Totton Tyres & Exhaust for installing one.

#5: Protect Your Car Keys During The Monsoon

Cars come with a remote control system off late. These remotes being electronically wired need protection from moisture during the rainy season. Protect its circuit with a car key remote cover.

#6: Magnetic Sun Shades For UV Protection!

Your car’s interior needs protection from harmful UV rays that cause damage to their texture. It also affects the performance of your car’s AC. A magnetic sunshade installed on your car’s windows will provide the required protection.

#7: Keep Your Car Smelling Good At All Times

You would not like your shimmery vehicle to have an unpleasant odor. Keep a car perfume inside to maintain a pleasant smell 24×7.

#8: A Steering Cover For Pleasant Handling

A steering cover not only saves it from any damage due to moisture released from your hand but also provides ease of handling.

#9: Shed Some Extra Bucks For Seat Cover

Seat covers of lower quality available in the market at low prices do not stay intact for long. Instead, it is best to invest in quality seat covers that last for years and are tear-resistant. They also do not require high maintenance.

#10: Go For Car Mats Of Best Quality!

The base of a car’s interior accumulates more dust than any other part of the interior. Lower quality of car mat will let them pass through and reach the car’s body, thus damaging it. Go for a quality mat that protects it from any dust or scratch.

You see, simple and easy tips that will keep it new for longer!

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