What Separates a Service From an Mot

An MOT is a required test to make sure your car is safe to drive; a service adheres to specific rules laid forth by the vehicle manufacturer and to keep your automobile in top shape.

Consider it this way. For a checkup, you visit the doctor. Everything is good, the doctor says; but, you could stand to lose a few pounds, your vision isn’t perfect, and you have a slight cold. Your MOT Stoke on Trent was successful, but you won’t be training for a marathon any time soon.

So while a vehicle that has passed its MOT is roadworthy, it may not be operating at its best. When mechanical components start to malfunction, it may be necessary to change the oil, as well as the air, fuel, and spark plug filters, and by doing so, the car will operate more smoothly and consume less fuel.

While an MOT and a service examine comparable things, such as tyre tread depth, seat belt anchoring, and so forth, a service replaces some parts in addition to checking and inspecting them, which increases your car’s performance, economy, and longevity.

Why Your Car Needs a Service & Mot

Your car must undergo an MOT test if it is three years old or older. It is a legal necessity, and more significantly, your car insurance is void without a current MOT certificate. A legal requirement is to have your car put through an MOT test to make sure it is safe to drive and won’t endanger other road users.

Are Services and Mots the Same Thing?

No. Additionally, it measures vehicle emissions and compares criteria to government-set regulations. Without a current MOT certificate, it is illegal to operate a vehicle older than three years.

A service is comparable to your car’s yearly health check. In addition to keeping your automobile operating safely and efficiently, regular maintenance will also help to preserve some of its value, especially if you select a franchised shop where factory-trained technicians will utilize original parts.

Regular maintenance should make service quite painless. Before they become a problem and endanger the long-term health of your car, minor niggles can get fixed.

Like everyone else, cars occasionally require some maintenance. Avoid the temptation to skip or postpone a service in order to save money because filters clog, and batteries deplete over time. Short-term poor fuel economy and long-term expensive repairs are both possible effects of poorly maintained vehicles.

While an MOT covers a number of areas that are also examined during a service, it focuses on the bare minimum standards needed for a car to get driven safely on UK roads, including working lights and wipers, safe bodywork, and no fuel leaks.

A car service will not only examine these fundamentals but will also work to make sure the automobile is operating as effectively as possible, extending its lifespan and lowering operating costs.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, if you adhere to the recommended servicing schedule for your automobile, it should pass its MOT with no further maintenance needed. However, a vehicle that doesn’t receive routine maintenance could easily fail its MOT and require expensive repairs in order to be able to drive again.

What Happens During a Service?

Every car needs unique care, just as every person’s health is unique. Different makes and models require different actions in different regions from year to year according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Therefore, the list of upkeep and inspections will differ from car to car.

Because of this, it’s always preferable to get your automobile serviced at a franchised dealer as opposed to a regular garage. Franchise mechanics are experts in the specific model of your car, comprehending the various Car Service Stoke on Trent needs of each model and each unique technical feature in the range.

What Is the Price of an Mot and Service?

There is a cap on how much MOT test facilities can charge you to have your car inspected. According to the kind of vehicle, The maximum charge for a car is £54.85; nevertheless, automobile dealerships sometimes offer discounts. To give you an idea of the price you will spend, many manufacturers provide fixed-price services. The model of your car and the location you choose to get your service and MOT will ultimately determine how much it will cost you to get your car serviced and MOT.