4 Common Car Diagnostic Codes that Help You Identify Issues with Your Vehicle

If you have driven a car for a while, you must have come across situations like the check engine light going on all of a sudden. It means there’s an issue with your car, but you may barely know what problem a check engine light suggests.

Moreover, if the vehicle is running fine, it may further confuse you. While check engine light should never be ignored, it’s better to have a little knowledge about Car Diagnostics in Northampton.

The Role of OBD and the Importance of Car Diagnostics

An OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) is an automated computer fit in your vehicle that takes these readings and helps to alert you on time. Courtesy its self-diagnostic ability; you get alerts much before the issue becomes a severe concern reducing your vehicle’s performance.

When you take your vehicle after the check engine light alert comes up, the technician will run a few Car Diagnostic Check in Northampton on your car. These are nothing but reading the codes shown in your OBD.

Sometimes, driving your vehicle even after the check engine light comes up may permanently harm the component concerned. If you have an idea of what these codes mean, you may avert them by taking immediate steps.

So, check out the most common diagnostic codes used in vehicles to indicate different issues.

Engine Misfiring Codes – P0300 to P0305

The range of codes showing between P0300 and P0305 mean the engines of your vehicle have misfired. If it does so, it means either the engine cylinders are not working correctly or have turned dysfunctional.

As a part of car diagnostics, proper Engine Diagnostic in Northampton may also reveal other causes of the engine misfiring like decreased fuel efficiency, crankshaft losing speed, etc. So, once this code shows on the OBD, you must take care to go for the fix immediately.

Take your vehicle to Jacksons Diesel Centre which is an expert garage for diagnosing issues with the engine. They come with experts who perform all types of Engine Diagnostic in Northampton along with their repairs.

Codes for an Issue with the Oxygen Sensor – P0171 to P0175

A faulty oxygen sensor is one of the most common problems with the vehicle. When codes between P0171 and P0175 appear, it means you need to immediately go for the oxygen sensor check and a consequent repair. Otherwise, it will lead to decreased fuel efficiency.

Code for Exhaust Gas Recirculation – P0401

Better known as EGR, the exhaust gas circulation system works to control the engine’s emissions. It is responsible for stopping toxic gases like nitrous oxide from passing into the atmosphere. It is also responsible for recirculating the engine’s exhaust gas to the engine cylinder. An error in this system may lead to the check engine light blinking with an error code P0401.

Error in the Evaporative System – Codes P0411, P0440, P0442, P0446, P0455

The EVAP or evaporative system of a car contains or removes vapour produced when the fuel is burned. Error codes like P0411, P0440, P0442, P0446 and P0455 indicate issues like a loose gas cap, which may lead to vapour leakage.

Take your vehicle for Car Diagnostics Northampton if you see one of these codes surfacing. It is also better if you take your vehicle in case of check engine light blinking on your dashboard.

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