4 Facts You Didn’t Know about Michelin Tyres!

If we asked you to name a few things that the French are famous for, what are the things that immediately come to your mind?


French movies (which you probably watch with subtitles)?

Their Cuisine?

The Tour de France?

The Eiffel Tower, perhaps?

I am sure most of you will miss one of the best things to come out of France for over a hundred years. I’ll give you a clue. There are millions of cars worldwide that literally run on these.

Not sure yet?

Of course, we are talking Michelin- the legendary tyre manufacturers based out of France. That they are the second largest tyre manufacturers in the world is evidence enough of their success. If you are planning to buy new tyres in Sheffield, you should take a look at their exhaustive range of tyres at Challenger Tyres & Exhausts Sheffield.

Let’s take a peek at some of the lesser-known facts about Michelin:

  1. They Are Gigantic!

While this may seem obvious to many of you, the scale of it may still surprise you. Michelin is the second largest tyre manufacturing company in the world! They beat tyre manufacturing giants like Goodyear and Continental to reach that coveted position. At this moment, they are just behind Bridgestone in the production of tyres worldwide.

How many tyres do they produce per year? Currently, a whopping 187 million!

Let that sink in for a moment.

  1. The Michelin Man Is Really Old

Most of you will recognise the chubby, white mascot of the Michelin brand. Commonly known as the Michelin Man, this mascot’s official name is Bibendum.

What’s astonishing is that Bib (that’s what he likes to be called) is over a hundred years old. His current age is almost 120 years.

Most advertising pundits agree that Bib is the oldest mascot in the world that’s still active. It just goes on to prove that whatever Michelin builds is built to last.

  1. They Are Exceptionally Innovative

Innovation and Michelin go hand in hand. Since its inception in 1889, Michelin has invested heavily in R&D and has reaped high rewards from it.

Their innovative ethos led them to invent the removable tyre, the run-flat tyre, the radial tyre and the pneumatic rail, to name a few. Currently, they hold over 11,700 patents protecting their numerous innovations. Their R&D department is spread across seven countries on three different continents.

  1. They Have Won Numerous Races

All tyre companies know that Formula1 and MotoGP are the highest peaks to scale for them. Michelin’s performance has impressed on that front as well.

They first participated in F1 in 1977 and since then have won a total of 4 championships. They have also competed in MotoGP since 1972 and have won over 350 races including a World Championship streak from 1993 to 2006.

The next time you’re looking for new tyres at Sheffield, we’re sure these cool facts will run through your head and tilt you towards buying Michelin tyres. Don’t hesitate! You won’t be disappointed with them.

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