4 Interesting Facts about Goodyear Tyres

Even if you are not a car enthusiast, you must have heard the name ‘Goodyear’ or at least seen their billboards or blimps at various locations. They are one of the world’s oldest tyre manufacturers. They hold a huge chunk of the tyre market even today and are considered a pioneer in tyre innovation.

The company is steeped deep in the history of automobile parts and enjoys an enviable reputation around the globe. Those who want to buy tyres at Bourne should take a serious interest in them. Multiple garages sell Goodyear products. You can choose their products from the vast collection of Bourne Car & Van Hire tyres.

Let’s look at a few cool facts about Goodyear that’ll blow your mind.

  1. It’s Named After Charles Goodyear

Charles Goodyear was the first person who vulcanised rubber in 1844. Vulcanisation is the process of strengthening natural rubber by heating them with sulphur. Without vulcanisation, rubber could never be used to make tyres.

However, Mr Goodyear had nothing to do with the company that bears his name. Frank Seiberling established the company in 1898 and named it after him. In fact, Charles Goodyear died bankrupt in 1860, almost four decades before the company made its first tyre.

  1. They Were Denied Patents During Their First Years

Goodyear fought a tough legal battle trying to obtain a patent for their carriage tyres. It was initially refused on various grounds. This meant that they could not access the profits from their sales as the case was sub judice. They won the case in 1902 much to the relief of the company.

  1. From 13 to Over 60,000

The original Goodyear Company started with 13 employees in 1898. Since automobiles were not prevalent at that time, they manufactured tyres for bicycles and carriages. As strange as it may sound now, they also made poker chips.

Things changed at the turn of the 20th century. Cars became much more popular, and Goodyear graduated to making tyres for vehicles. Just ten years into its production, Goodyear partnered with Ford and entered the big league of automobile tyres manufacturing. The following year, they made their first aircraft tyre.

Today, Goodyear is a multi-billion dollar company and one of the ‘Big Fours’ in tyre manufacturing. They employ around 64,000 people in 27 countries. They are one of the most popular tyres Bourne car manufacturers.

Impressive for a company that started with 13 employees, wouldn’t you agree?

  1. The Goodyear Blimp Story

In 1925, the marketing executives at Goodyear came up with a brilliant strategy. They released an airship, also called a blimp, with their company name and logo painted across it. The first blimp was called ‘Pilgrim’.

It was soon a common sighting in sports grounds and race tracks. Over the years, it became a landmark in advertising and is probably the most recognised and beloved airships in history.

There have been scores of airships that have served as Goodyear blimps in the last nine decades. Currently, there are three Goodyear blimps in operation.

If these facts make you want to choose Goodyear when you buy your next car tyres in Bourne, you can always come to Bourne Car & Van Hire. The Goodyear Company has a long legacy of delivering quality tyres to its customers and continues to do so even today.

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