4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Car’s Exhaust System Did

A vehicle’s exhaust system has a reasonably straightforward job; it takes the toxic fumes that an engine generates after burning fuel and decontaminates it before releasing it in the environment. It also reduces the noise with the help of its muffler, making car rides bearable for the driver and other peoples on the road.

However, there are plenty of other things that an average car’s exhaust does, making it one of the most valuable, yet complicated parts in the entire system. Let’s take a look at some of the unique things your car’s exhaust does and why an exhaust service in Coventry isn’t something you can afford to miss.

  1. It can affect your car’s mileage – A malfunctioning exhaust system can play havoc with your car’s fuel efficiency. It will effectively choke the engine if it stops pumping the fumes out of it. That makes the entire system work a lot harder to produce the necessary amount of output.

An exhaust repair in Coventry or anywhere else in the UK might be the solution to your car’s dipping fuel economy. A skilled technician will look into all probable causes, including the condition of your car’s exhaust to determine what might be causing the engine to work harder than usual to provide the actual output.

  1. It powers your car’s turbo – If your vehicle comes with a turbocharger, you should know that it gets powered by the engine’s exhaust gasses coming out of the manifold. The turbine is spooled by the expanding exhaust gasses, which helps pull excess air from outside. Turbochargers do not use the power of the engine directly, which makes it more efficient than superchargers.

If your car’s turbo takes a lot of time to spool up, it can be caused up by a clogged exhaust turbine. Take your vehicle to a reputed service garage, like Central Point MOT, for an exhaust repair in Coventry. They have a team of expert technicians and offer various other types of repair services and MOT testing Coventry.

  1. It affects the total output – Your car’s exhaust system plays a crucial role in determining its total output. If its exhaust clears the fumes efficiently, your car’s engine will be able to maintain its actual power graph. That’s why a significant number of aftermarket modifications include a more efficient exhaust system as well as better intake units like twin-turbo or supercharger-turbo setups.

  2. It cleans itself – If you own a diesel vehicle, you must have come across the term ‘DPF regeneration’. Diesel particulate filters, or DPFs, can clean itself by burning off the accumulated soot once it reaches a particular temperature. Catalytic converts are also capable of cleaning its accumulated particles; however, they are not as efficient as DPFs.

The entire exhaust system is a critical part of your vehicle, regardless of whether it’s a passenger vehicle or a high-performance one. You will also abide by the emission standards and noise quality rules implemented by the British Government if you keep your car in good condition and follow up with timely inspections and exhaust repair in Coventry.

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