5 Pirelli Tyres that Guarantee a Safe and Comfortable Drive

Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded Pirelli in 1872 as a company solely concentrated on manufacturing rubber-based products. The company started manufacturing tyres for vehicles from 1894.

Pirelli entered into the production of car tyres from 1901. Just 6 years later, the company’s tyres earned them the first ever Grand Prix win at the Automobile Club of France.

It was in 1949 when Pirelli launched the Cinturato – a summer tyre. Later, in 1953, they marketed their first radial tyre.

Through the years, Pirelli expanded to several countries and is currently operating in more than 160 of them. It has 19 manufacturing sites in 13 countries.

Currently, Pirelli is the 7th largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Its excellence is also felt in the UK with the countless cars plying on their tyres.

Few popular Pirelli tyres in Harrogate include:

  1. P Zero

An ultra-high performance (UHP) tyre, the P Zero is suited for passenger cars and SUVs. A summer tyre, the P Zero first came into the market back in 1986.

It comes with 4 longitudinal sipes. These sipes are not only exceptional for reducing aquaplaning but also guarantee minimal rolling resistance throughout its service life.

Another feature of this tyre is its high-silica compound. The compound accounts for more driving comfort and traction.

The specialised tread design on the outer side of this tyre keeps its noise emissions and rolling resistance low.

  1. P Zero Corsa

The P Zero is another summer tyre for passenger cars and SUVs. The asymmetric tread pattern on the outer side of this tyre gives you high control over your vehicle.

It also comes with 4-wide longitudinal grooves that evacuate water quickly and reduces aquaplaning. The directional design of these grooves provides a safe drive, especially when cornering your car in wet roads.

  1. Cinturato P7

The Cinturato P7 is a touring summer tyre for passenger cars. The hybrid and innovative material in this tyre mandates even wear throughout the body.

Its central blocks are robust and compact giving you the cornering ability and steering response you look for.

The tyre also includes 4-wide longitudinal grooves. Lastly, it comes with an optimised tread pattern that delivers you comfort when driving.

  1. Cinturato Winter

The Cinturato Winter is a touring winter tyre for passenger cars. The unique design and compound used in this tyre deliver more mechanical traction especially in wintry road conditions.

Not only snow and ice, but this tyre also keeps in check braking and handling over dry road conditions.

Its multi-active 4D sipes increase snow retention, traction flexibility, and braking over dry and wet surfaces.

  1. Winter Sottozero Serie II

The Winter Sottozero Serie II is another winter touring tyre for passenger cars. You get improved control over your vehicle in dry roads and safety on wet with an asymmetrical tread pattern on the outer side of this tyre.

Its specialised sipe construction improves handling and grip while lowering braking distance.

Other than the above models, you can also check out numerous other Pirelli tyres in Harrogate at reputed tyre retailers such as HG Motors. They also offer other car-related services including puncture repair, calves change, engine diagnostics, etc.

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