5 Proven Ways to Purchase an SUV Tyre like a Pro

The performance of a Sports Utility Vehicle relies to a great extent on the type of SUV tyres you use. SUV tyres, also called 4×4 tyres, are special, and they form an entirely different category. If you own an SUV, you will also need quality SUV tyres. Thus, you need to know which aspects must be looked into before placing a purchase order.

In the UK, SUVs regained a fresh lease on their lives when the country eased the tax laws on their manufacture and import. 4×4 Tyres Leighton Buzzard sell in high numbers across the year.

This post shows you steps you can follow to become a better tyre connoisseur.

Buy Tyres Wisely

Like all other categories, there are good SUV tyres, and then there are better ones, not necessarily pricier ones at that. Choose carefully.

  • Brands Matter: There are several reasons why people choose brands like Michelin, Goodyear and Continental. Not only have these companies proven themselves worthy over the last 100 or more years, but they have also regularly upgrade their repertoire. Unbranded wheels may not deliver as much value as branded counterparts. The price difference may seem like a big issue, but in the long run, branded models perform better and typically last longer.

  • Pick the Right Size: Your car-owner’s manual will recommend which tyre sizes are ideal for your vehicle. Always abide by those recommendations. Your car will suffer from enormous damage, and your life may be in danger if you use wrong wheels. It is best to consult professional tyre retailers like Buzzy Bee Tyres. They also provide a wide range of other tyres as well as mobile tyre fitting and wheel balancing services.

  • Tread Depth is Crucial: The next time you purchase a new set of 4×4 Tyres Leighton Buzzard, ensure that they have at least 8mm of tread depth. Naturally, these standards apply only to new tyres. Buying re-treaded wheels is hardly an option as you lose out on a tyre’s strength every time they are re-treaded. Always check the tyres’ manufacturing date before buying.

  • Check Speed Ratings: SUVs are known for their higher acceleration capabilities. Most SUV wheels have an ‘S’ or ‘T’ speed ratings, which are capable of achieving a maximum speed of 112 and 118 mph respectively. However, if you own a bigger car- a Range Rover, for example- you may be tempted to choose wheels with ‘H’ or ‘V’ ratings, which signify speed capabilities of more than 130 mph. These latter types also provide increased cornering capabilities.

  • Check Load Ratings Too: Being bigger vehicles, SUVs are supposed to carry more weight than, say, a sedan. It is thus crucial to check load ratings engraved on a tyre’s surface. To do that, you need to be able to ‘decode’ the alphanumeric code that is specific to every tyre. For best results, always refer to a professional.

Remember: An SUV will serve you best when you follow traffic rules and maintain lane discipline, among several other considerations. Thus, besides buying great sets of wheels, you must also follow driving guidelines.

Bon voyage!

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