5 Reasons That Cause Your Car Brakes To Fail: How To Avoid

Brake failure can prove to be seriously dangerous and even fatal sometimes. It is the cause of hundreds of accidents every year. Car brakes are a combination of several components, and therefore, it is a rare chance of all of these components failing down altogether and causing the brakes to fail. But when it happens, it can make things quite difficult.

Nevertheless, a car brake can fail due to many reasons. Five of the most popular ones are listed below:

Overheating of brake pads

If you hear a squealing sound or smoke coming out of brakes, this is possibly a signal that your brakes are about to fail. Constant friction on the brake pads can cause them to overheat and emit sounds and smoke. Brake pads can become brittle due to overheating. This decreases their ability to properly grab the wheel rotor disc, causing the brakes to fail.

To avoid overheating of brake pads, you should always drive smoothly and maintain a certain distance between other cars or objects.

Leaking of hydraulic fluid

One of the significant causes of brake failures is leakage in the system. A slow leak in the network can allow passage of air into it and consequently affect the brake’s master cylinder.

The fluid pressure is responsible for stopping any leakage of hydraulic fluid as it affects the fluid braking directly.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to check your brake fluid levels regularly, like in a month or so, to check for any leakages in the system and avoid a life-threatening experience like brake failure.

Moisture in the brake fluid

While driving through water or mud, moisture can accumulate on your rotor discs and brake pads. Due to heating, this water gets evaporated and turned into steam, which can interfere with the working of the brake system. Moreover, the moisture can cause the wheel cylinders to corrode, which eventually results in a leak.

To avoid moisture entering your system, it is advisable to drive cautiously when your tires are partially submerged in water.

Corrosion in various parts of the brakes

Corrosion inside the wheel cylinder can result in leakage, and leakage can consequently cause a reduction in the hydraulic pressure, ultimately leading to a brake failure.

Rust on the brake pads, however, can cause a loss of control due to reduced friction on the surface of brake pads.

Regular inspection of the brake system can help you avoid such circumstances. If you notice rust on any part of the system, replacement is the best option.

Owner’s neglect

When any of the parts of the brake system is malfunctioning or faulty, it can fail the entire system. Regular maintenance and repair of the system are crucial as brakes, like any other part of the vehicle, have a limited life span.

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