5 Reasons to Buy Riken Road Performance Tyres

Tyres take a lot while we are on-road, which is why we must choose only the best of the best. Riken, a brand owned by Michelin is synonymous with excellence. The brand designs tyres for all seasons and all vehicles, ranging from passenger car, SUV type to commercial light trucks. All tyres are a product of extensive R&D and have the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology.

Summer tyres drive us to the beach, to weddings, to a friends’ house, and where not! But heavy loads in high temperatures can ruin your fun-in-the-sun travel plans. Worry not! Ricken Road Performance tyres are ideal for summers and deliver sharp handling that you expect from a summer tyre. They come in more than a dozen sizes and even more features. Here we give you five compelling reasons to buy Riken Road Performance Tyres.

1)Optimised Tyre Tread Interlocks: This gives the tyres an excellent grip when your car drives over uneven road surfaces. It beats the friction between grit and rubber and prevents abrasion of the tyres, which is especially beneficial during wet conditions or when the coefficient of friction falls by fifty per cent. Ricken tyres allow you to corner your vehicle with an impressive seventy to eighty per cent of the speed that you have on dry roads.

2) Tread Grooves And Case Construction: The unique grooves of the tread and the case construction create traction with the road surface. Ricken’s tyres provide advanced wear performance. They protect the wheel’s rim and absorb shock. Their high tread depth provides traction and lowers the probability of punctures. A hydroplane situation on wet roads can leave you hapless and take away vehicle’s control from your hands. But don’t you worry if you have mounted Riken Road Performance Tyres in your vehicle. They offer improved rigidity of the tread blocks. The transverse and longitudinal grooving offer adequate friction characteristics. So, you can enjoy smooth rides even in damp weather conditions.

3) Stable Shoulder Blocks And Rigid Tread Blocks: They give higher lateral stiffness which renders the driver firm grip when cornering and driving on dry surfaces. This is also why Ricken has made summer asymmetrical tyres with a silica compound. They can deliver the best performance when mounted on your high-performance hatchbacks and sports cars.

4) Silica Compound Based Tread Pattern: The newly launched silica compound based tread pattern on these wheels reduces rolling resistance by twenty per cent. It also increases the grip and makes a substantial improvement in the braking distance. It offers the perfect combination of low hysteresis at low frequencies and high hysteresis at high frequencies.

5) Asymmetrical Tread Pattern Design With Rigid Ribs: The high-rigidity ribs give smooth wet and dry braking stability. This pattern design increases tyre’s life and reduces chances of irregular wear. This is because they let the tyres rotate from one side of the car to the other. They improve tyre performance, reduce noise, and increase tread life.

If you are looking for a reliable dealer to buy Riken Road Performance Tyres, come to Phillips Tyres. We can do everything from brake inspection, wheel alignment to general servicing, that too at affordable prices. So, get your vehicle race ready, put on your favourite sunglasses and have your car under control no matter what the speed with Riken Tyres.

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