5 Reasons Why Studded Tyres are Best for Winters in the UK

Studded tyres have long been used for driving in the UK’s winter months. It is true that these tyres cost slightly more than stud-less models. But, in return, they provide an increased level of safety, better road grip and many other advantages.

Here are 5 reasons why the debate between studded and stud-less tyres can be settled right here and now; studded models are the hands-down winners any day.

Reason 1:

Studded Tyres Produce Less Noise

Studies conducted around the world showcase one significant advantage that studded tyres have over their studless cousins: they emit lower amounts of noise. That is one significant contribution to the cause of environmental pollution. All winter tyres will inevitably produce much more noise on dry and hard surfaces; however, once it starts to snow, the opposite happens.

On snowy roads, studded tyres produce low sound, because the studs themselves do not increase the existing surface area. For best results, buy tyres with ceramic studs instead of metal ones. Metallic studs tend to produce clanging noises.

Reason 2:

Studded Models Offer a Slightly Longer Lifespan

Extensive testing of 4X4 Tyres in Coventry and other cities has showcased how studded tyres tend to last longer than the ones sans these studs. Without these bulges, the softer, more flexible rubber compound of the tyre is walloped by friction, and the underlying parts are exposed sooner. Studded tyres seem to lack this problem, offering significantly higher performances and shelf lives.

Reason 3:

Studded Tyres Offer Better Road Safety In Winters

It is an obvious point that nevertheless merits repetition. On snowy roads, studs provide that extra grip that can prevent accidents. Both ceramic and metallic studs offer an equal amount of protection. When it starts to snow heavily, roads often gather layers of mud and sludge too, making it difficult for cars to navigate. Studded tyres can bring you better traction and help you get moving.

Reason 4:

Studded Tyres Help Improve Mileage

Obtaining the proper mileage from your car can be difficult in winters; it becomes increasingly difficult for the wheels to turn and the engine has to work harder. With studs and the subsequently increased traction, you get increased maneuverability too. The overall result is an improvement in fuel efficiency.

Reason 5:

Tyres with Studs Help You Become a Better Driver

Becoming a better driver is one of the aims of most car owners in the UK. When you use Summer Tyres Coventry and other cities, you must have felt how easy it is to drive on them, especially when the roads are dry. Well, studded winter tyres offer you the same benefit in the colder months: they improve overall handling.

Subsequently, your penchant to overuse the clutch and brakes decreases with time. Even drivers with a ‘heavy foot’ have benefited from such tyres. The result? You become a better and safer driver.

By now, you know how tyres with studs help you in many ways. Buy only from the best-known brands and from popular service garage-cum-retailers like Central Point MOT.

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