5 Simple Tips to Ensure Proper Maintenance of Your Pirelli Tyres

As a proud car owner, you must run regular maintenance checks and ensure that its health remains superior.

But, are you one of those individuals whose maintenance is only limited to the car engine? 

The engine might be the most significant part of the car that requires your constant attention for smooth running. However, your Pirelli car tyres also hold key importance, because if damaged unexpectedly, your superior engine will have little less to do to protect you from peril.

But, fear not, as here, you will get to know how to take equal care of your Pirelli tyres so that all of them complement the engine and be a happy family.

Here are five tips from Loughborough Refurbs Fast Fit Centre that you should follow with discipline:

Tip 1. Get New Tyres To Avoid Aquaplaning

If you are oblivious of the term aquaplaning or hydroplaning, here is a simple explanation – aquaplaning is the phenomenon where a layer of water concentrates between the tyres and the road.

This restricts the car to achieve a grip on wet roads, thereby losing contact and making it skid uncontrollably.

When your car starts to skid, you can get a picture of what can happen next. 

Monsoons are the major cause of aquaplaning, and to address this situation, you can start by replacing your tyres. New car tyres at Loughborough with more grooves will grip the road more efficiently and restrict your car form getting off-roaded.

Tip 2. Rotate Your Pirelli Tyres Occasionally

Rotating car tyres means shuffling their position every once in a while. As the front tyres carry the most weight, they wear out more quickly as compared to the rear ones. Hence, switching them can increase their longevity.

Tyre rotations are four types – straight rotation, cross rotation, 4-wheel drive, and 5-tyre rotation.

Pirelli recommends rotating your Car Tyres in Loughborough every 8,000 to 11,000 km.

Tip 3. Ensure Proper Wheel Alignment of Your Pirelli Tyres

Wheel alignment is the process through which the wheels and axles are properly aligned with each other.

Wheel alignment can be of 3 types – caster, camber, and toe.

So, what is the purpose of wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment will ensure that your car drives straight and prevents it from pulling left or right uncontrollably. Thus, wheel alignment gives you more control over your car and delivers a smooth driving experience.

Tip 4. Replace Tyres at The Right Time

Experts recommend replacing your tyres with New Tyres Loughborough every 6 to 8 years. Too prolonged use will lead to the tyre treads wearing off, thereby restricting its grip on the road.

A majority of Pirelli tyres include an indicator for tread wear placed within the grooves at the height of 1.6 mm. If the worn out treads cross this limit, then it is high time you get your tyres replaced.

Tip 5. Don’t Mix Your Pirelli Tyres With Other Brands

Pirelli recommends not mixing your car tyres with any other brands. Further, they also encourage car owners to use tyres that have the same tread depth.

Keep these tips in mind and visit Loughborough Refurbs Fast Fit Centre, in case your Pirelli tyre treads are worn out and you need an immediate replacement.

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