5 Things to Remember Before You Go For Wheel Alignment

Regular sessions of wheel alignment and wheel balancing go a long way in ensuring that your car stays fit for the roads and has a longer life. These operations are also essential to ensure your safety on the streets. In the UK, it is important to have appropriately aligned wheels as they will help you pass the MOT.

Before you go for a wheel alignment, you must be aware of 5 pre-session checks which you must carry out.

  1. Check ‘cold’ pressure

A tyre’s ‘cold’ pressure is measured when the car has not moved for several hours. Measuring cold pressure is essential to ensure that the manufacturer-mandated inflation level is maintained. Both steer tyres, the front ones, should have the same pressure, while the rear tyres must also share the same inflation levels. If there is any deviation from the recommended inflation levels, it needs addressing.

You can carry a handheld pressure monitor to determine precisely what the tyre pressures are. Alternatively, you can go for expert analysis.

  1. Replace tyres with care

In the UK, it is recommended to use winter tyres once the temperature falls below 7°C. No summer or all-season tyre models can beat a winter version. Whenever you replace your car’s tyres, ensure that you change all four in one go. You must never use winter and summer tyres together. Also, it is never wise to use old and new tyres simultaneously on corresponding wheels.

  1. Choose your wheel alignment centre with care

Not many centres are capable of doing wheel alignment correctly. It is a complicated procedure that requires human expertise and sophisticated machinery to perform. Improper alignment process can be counterproductive in most instances.

If, for example, you do stay in or around Coventry, you can book an appointment with reliable garages like Central Point MOT. They use the latest technology available in the market to perform wheel alignment in Coventry. It’s always advisable to go for 4 wheel alignment rather than just the front or rear wheels.

  1. Check for tyre wear regularly

Safe drivers must check for various types of damages to their tyres like one-sided wear, feather wear, one-shouldered, and diagonal wear. One-shouldered wear is the most obvious type. In the case of high-performance wheels, like 4×4 tyres in Coventry or any smaller city, wear and tear signs should be looked for once every 6 months.

  1. Look out for indications of loose suspension

If something is awry with the suspension, then no number of wheel alignment and balancing sessions will help. While it is not always possible for all car owners to check their vehicle’s suspension, professionals can help you. The most common issues of the suspension are worn king-pins, loose fittings, damaged springs, and even a worn out steering linkage.

A loose suspension will result in uncontrollable jerking of the car, discomfort to its occupants, and a hard-to-control steering wheel.

These were 5 of the primary things you should look for, and fix if possible before you go for wheel alignment operations.

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