5 Tips for Car Tyre Care

You must have heard the phrase: – with greater power comes greater responsibilities. Car is symbolic to power and so it comes with responsibilities. The basic but vital responsibility is your car’s maintenance. How many of you are dedicated to it? Well, most of you shall have an affirmative answer. But many of you may not be aware of it than taking your car to the service centre from time to time does not cover the whole of maintenance, there is more to that.

Firstly, you have to get rid of the idea that servicing your car is all that car maintenance includes. That is just half of it. There are so many other things that you as an owner need to keep in check and be aware of. Let us discuss it all over here. Following are the vital points that everyone needs to follow to ensure proper and wholesome maintenance of your car.

  • Change of Tyres at the Right Time: it is important to keep checking your tyres regularly to notice if everything is okay with it. Otherwise, you might just not know that there is an issue and become a victim of a sudden tyre puncture or blowout. If you ask an expert about the lifespan of tyres, you may know that quality Dunlop Tyres Reading last about 6 years, but average tyres shall be fine for 4-5 years.

After that, the tyres need to be changed for your safety. There are some factors that are responsible for the longevity of tyres like how it is driven, how much distance it has travelled, the road situation, etc. Other than just visual inspection of the tyre, you may also measure the tread to understand the condition and how far it can go.

  • Check the Wheel Bolt Size: Did you know that a small problem in the size of the wheel bolts can become the root of many varied tyre problems? Although these bolts are provided by the manufacturer, it may be defective at times and you need to check it for that reason. In case, they are shorter than the required size then the wheel may get detached. Whereas if they are longer than necessary, then it can hamper the car suspension. So better check if the wheel bolts are well suited for the Tyres Reading and if needed, get them replaced with the proper ones.
  • Make Smooth Driving a Habit:Driving style affects tyre health to a great extent. So, it is suggested to avoid driving roughly, especially on bumpy roads and rough roads. When we drive rashly at high speeds and all of a sudden try to stop and pull the brakes, most of the impact is taken by the tyres. So, if it happens regularly, then the tyres would wear out or get damaged long before its time. Therefore, smooth driving habit falls under the maintenance tips.
  • Proper Usage of the Jack: when one needs to change the tyres, it is always suggested to use the hydraulic jack for dismounting the tyres. In this way, the procedure is easier and harmless for both the person at work and the car. And if for some reason hydraulic jack is not available, then a regular jack may do the work, which is usually provided by the car manufacturer.

·         Avoid Mixing Tyre Varieties: You shall come across this warning several times and from several people that mixing tyre varieties is an absolute no. No matter how much temptation is faced by you, always stick to the similar kind of tyres for the front and the rear wheels which should also be of similar sizes. An exception shall only be made for the sizes if the manufacturer advises it for the vehicle. This is a matter of safety.

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