5 Tips to Determine if Your Car Battery is Asking for a Replacement

During winters, a car faces severely inclement weather. Low temperatures and a car battery are not exactly good friends. Often, cells have this notorious tendency of ‘dying’ on a driver without any apparent sign. Even the battery monitor on the dashboard cluster shows nothing wrong.

So, how do you determine if your car’s battery is on the edge of trouble and needs a replacement? Here’s a guide to understand when your car battery needs replacing.

  1. The battery seems bloated

From the outside, a dying battery appears to be bloated. The surface tends to bulge at the sides, while the corners are rounded. Now, that is not how a car battery is supposed to look like. Thanks to the bloating, the cell has trouble fitting in its casing. This abnormality mostly happens due to extreme cold and hot weathers.

Driving around with a bloated battery is dangerous. You must immediately seek a replacement cell as it is not repairable.

  1. An unmistakable rotten smell

Right back from our school days, we have been taught that Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) has a distinct smell of rotten eggs. When a battery is about to die, the chemicals inside interact with one another in different ways. One of those chemicals is Sulphuric Acid, which acts with other non-sulphur-based acids. That results in the formation of the Sulphide-based gas, and the smell.

In some instances, this Sulphuric Acid may even leak out of the battery, destroying parts of the cell. That can result in a failed MOT in Sleaford and similar cities.

  1. Electrical issues

If the radio or the fans don’t work when the engine is off, that may mean that your car’s battery is failing. It is unable to provide enough electrical power to the many electrical appliances of a vehicle. Since a battery is instrumental in providing electrical power to the engine, its ignition process might face trouble. If you notice any problems with these parts or even the power windows, you need a new battery.

  1. Look at the voltmeter

Often, some of the most basic fundamental issues lie in front of us, while we remain oblivious. If the voltage falls below 12V (it usually remains between 12 and 13V), the battery needs recharging. However, even after charging, if you notice a drop in the voltmeter, it is evident that the cell is malfunctioning. It is best to drive to a local service station for instructions.

If you live around Sleaford or other smaller cities, you can visit stations like Roberts Tyres. They have an excellent collection of replacement batteries and also repair essential parts of your car such as suspension, exhaust and brakes in Billinghay.

  1. Recall the battery’s age

If you are facing problems from your car’s cells, remember that a standard battery lasts for around 5 years. So, make a note about the battery’s age with each passing year. If the area where you live has high temperatures, it will affect a cell negatively.

You can check if your vehicle’s battery needs a replacement in these 5 easy ways. Never try to replace a unit by yourself. It is ideal to contact a professional service garage always.

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