5 Ways Continental Tyres Helped German Technology Regain Lost Ground

Continental tyres were founded in 1871. They focus on only one goal, I.e. to bring safety to the streets without compromising the comfort level of drivers. It has been developing its expertise in mobility, transport and processing.

When developing tyres, Continental ensures that safety and comfort – both aspects are maintained. After the manufacturing process, the Continental tyres in Sleaford go through rigorous tests on their leading testing site. Approximately 140,000 tyres are tested every year. Continental has been voted as the best tyre brand of the year by the German motorist association ADAC.

What sets apart these tyres?

  1. They pass through a rigorous R&D process

The design process includes inputs from individual customers. They use advanced designing techniques for commercial vehicle tyres. Such superior designs enhance their durability and performance.

  1. Superior dealership networks on significant continents

Continental has a broad market base throughout the UK. The branch of Continental located in Germany has developed the Fairlawn, Ohio-based rubber company Veyance Technologies Inc.

  1. Newer and more environment-friendly products every year

Continental was amongst the first company to collaborate with GM to provide the battery pack for the Chevrolet Volt extended-range of an electric vehicle. Sustainability is in the top of Continental’s list of agendas. The experts of this company are working together to ensure that the development, testing and production sectors of tyre manufacturing are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Tyres Ruskington ensure that the components of tyres are replaced with more environmentally compatible resources. They have taken up an innovative process to recycle the rubber waste into the production cycle.

  1. Wide range of UHP tyres (Ultra High Performance)

The ultra-high performance tyre of Continental is not only the best because of its larger size but also due to its high-level competency that meets the demanding situations. By fitting the UHP Continental tyres Sleaford, you can experience a ride that is sporty, smoother in changing lanes, as well as enhanced steering precision and concerning stability. The company produces a range of UHP tyres that can handle well-increased speed, torque, and G-forces produced by sports vehicles.

  1. Wide adoption as OEM supplier for VW, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Porsche

Continental has received OEM approvals from different automotive manufacturers for the ContiSportContact 5 and 5P models and ContiEcoContact 5 and 5P models. It acquires a well-established presence among vehicle manufacturers.

Firestone tyres in Sleaford produces have wider shoulder grooves for better handling, ply construction on the sidewall to resist road hazard damages, and many more to make the driving experience safe and comfortable for its customers.

You can purchase Continental as well as Firestone tyres from a reputed garage like Robert tyres. Apart from selling a wide range of car tyres in Sleaford, they also offer tyre fitting and wheel alignment services.

Therefore, choosing the right tyres for your vehicle will allow you to get a comfortable and safe driving experience. You can select appropriate wheels from a wide range of tyres from leading brands like Continental and Firestone.