5 Ways to Pass Your Mot Without a Glitch

An MOT test gives you the certification that your vehicle is meeting the minimum road safety requirements in terms of emission. MOT tests are conducted on different car components to ensure everything is in pristine condition and safe to drive all year long.

Car owners and their vehicle sometimes fail due to very small mistakes that could have been easily avoided. To make sure you do not fail and that your car is in great condition, here is an MOT checklist for you to go through.

Do Not Overlook The Brake Fluid

When it comes to car MOT inspection, start with your brake fluid. After your car has cooled down, open the car bonnet and look where your master cylinder is. The master cylinder would come with two markings denoting ‘min’ and ‘max’, and your fluid should be between the two points. If below, add brake fluid immediately.

Your car manual will have the necessary information on the kind of fluid one should purchase depending on your car’s model. MOT Birmingham will also include fuel inspection and whether the fuel cap locks properly or not. Check all the hoses and look for any leak. Failing fuel emission test, your license would be blocked, and you would be barred from driving.

Check All Of Your Front and Rear Lights and Mirrors By Looking At The Advisory

This is an obvious one but, many car owners or bike riders think of it as a minor issue that can be fixed later. Lights are important as they offer you better visuals, and almost 30% of vehicle owners fail their MOT because of light issues. Ensure that you look through all the lights and see whether they are functioning properly or not, and replace them if necessary.

  • Sidelights
  • Hazard lights
  • Fog lights
  • Rear light
  • Headlight

You should also have a look at all your mirrors, most importantly the interior and the offside one. Rearview mirrors can only come with three acceptable positions- providing a view of the offside of your vehicle, offering a nearside view and which delivers a view of the rear.

Look For Tread Depth and Ensure It Is Above Or Equal To 1.6mm

Tread depth is an important factor when it comes to your tyres and should not be messed with. The recommended tyre depth is 3mm and, for the winter seasons, it would be 4-6mm. This is why many have two sets of tyres-summer and winter tyres. Worn out tread depth will affect your driving, grip, brake, especially in high temperatures and wet roads.

Your car should have the right tyre type and size fitted with recommended tread depth. You can check your tread depth by inserting a penny and, if it is not visible along the grooves, you are safe. Replace your tyres if the tread depth has gone shallow or the tyres have leaks and cracks before MOT Birmingham.

Check Your Car Suspension

Several MOT fails happen due to faults with the braking system. If you hear any squeaky noises or any weird noise other than the hum and the minor vibrations while driving, it is time to go to a mechanic. Your MOT inspector will surely check your car suspension, make sure it is working efficiently.

Check the shock absorbers on each front wing. If you see the car bouncing up and down and not returning to its normal position, change the shock absorbers. Keep a lookout for any kind of knocking noise.

Keep A Watch On Your Windscreen

The windscreen can cause many dilemmas as some marks will pass the MOT test while some will fail. It is important to make sure that your windscreen is in perfect condition. A mark that is not over 10mm and does not obstruct the visual will not harm and will pass the test.

Get your windscreen checked by a mechanic if you are confused. Also, check the wash reservoir to ensure there is enough liquid present. If the wipers are not in good condition, replace them immediately.

MOT tests are nothing to be afraid of when you conduct regular maintenance of your vehicle and your tyres. Get Your MOT done on time to avoid any hassle later.

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