6 Essential Pre-MOT Checks You should Not Ignore at Any Cost

Your car must pass an MOT test if you intend to keep driving in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, ever since the MOT rules saw revamps in May 2018, around 35% of all cars have failed their MOTs. Of these, as many as 80% of the failures are due to faulty tyres.

With such high rates of failures, it is only natural that many people are asking themselves and their technicians if their car will face a similar fate. Many people in the United Kingdom are taking their vehicles for an MOT in Leicester, picking a random example, as early as this week. If you are one of them, read on.

Even if you are not, you might still want to buckle up.

Essential pre-MOT tests

If you are careful and have a professionally qualified service garage in your vicinity, you need not to worry too much. Remember these 6 most-used pre-MOT checks.

  1. Check lights

Your car uses a variety of lights inside and out. They must work properly, and their wiring should be neatly done. Any structural fault will automatically result in a failed MOT in Leicester certificate. Ask your service tech whether any of the lights need replacements. Check the brake lights, headlights, indicator and lane-change lights, and everything inside. Any missing fitment will need a replacement.

  1. Check fuel caps

It is such smaller stuff that most people overlook when going over their car. But it is not something that a professional garage for MOT in Leicester will fail to notice. The cap must fit properly, and there should be no leakage even when the tank is full, and the roads are bumpy.

  1. Take care of the horn

Is the horn working correctly? Is it able to warn oncoming cars? Is it too loud for driving in a city? All of these questions are for a technician to answer. Remember that a very loud horn will result in a failed certificate.

The next time you go for a thorough MOT check, try visiting competent and well-known garages like Treadstones Autofit. They also provide a variety of services like wheel balancing and alignment, standard vehicular repairs and inspections, besides retailing tyres and batteries.

  1. Keep an eye on the license plates

How many times a week or a month do we bother to look at the license or number plates on our cars? But an MOT test will reveal any abnormalities. These plates must be intact and tamper-free. Also, the lettering should be in bold colour shades. Ask your trusted MOT garage in Leicester for the needful.

  1. Is the suspension okay?

Ask your technician to perform the bounce test, used as a standard way to understand if the suspension is working correctly. Any damage warrants immediate repairs.

  1. A word on the tyres

Lastly, all tyres need an inspection to ensure they are in good shape. Nothing less will do.

Whenever you go for a prolonged pre-test check-up at an MOT garage in Leicester, remember to carry a printed copy of what went wrong the last time, in case you have already had an MOT done. That way, you will never miss any essential area.

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