6 Most Commonly Encountered Causes of Car Breakdown

Every car is unique and has dozens of electrical and mechanical components. Therefore, spotting a snag is a herculean task for a layman. Your car may breakdown any moment because of a fault in either one or more of these components. Here in this post, we share with you some of the most commonly encountered causes of car breakdown to help you lower the risk to the maximum extent.

1. Dead Battery: Nearly 20 per cent of the car breakdowns are caused by a dead or low battery. The life span of your car battery depends on your usage. For users with moderate use, the battery needs replacement in every three to five years. If you drive more often in extreme weather, then the battery needs to be replaced more often. You must make sure that your car battery is inspected by an expert at a garage regularly.

Dim headlights and lag in the functioning of your car’s power windows are signs of dying battery. Your car battery may discharge sooner if you make short distance trips with frequent stoppages. Ask your car mechanic to tighten the loose battery terminals if any and replace the corroded parts. You can also save battery by turning off everything in your vehicle like the stereo, AC, etc. before stepping out to avoid erratic battery problems.

2. Flat Tyre: Tyres are the most susceptible to damage as they are the only point of contact with the road. If a sharp object or even the small blunt stones hit your tyre, the valve stem may fail and your vehicle may even collide with another vehicle on the road. You can get a flat tyre if your car hits a deep pothole. Old and worn-out tyres are at a greater risk of puncture. Replace the tyres that are no longer in a repairable condition. Ensure proper pressure and inflation. You must also keep a spare tyre in perfectly good condition.

3. Faulty Alternator: If battery issues have been bugging you frequently, it could be because of some fault in the alternator. The alternator is responsible for recharging the battery by sucking power from the energy generated by the engine. So, in case the alternator fails, the battery will not be recharged, no matter how new it is.

4. Broken or Worn Out Spark Plug: The spark plug plays an integral role in the ignition system of your vehicle. It moves the piston by igniting the air-fuel mix in the engine. Make sure that these plugs are in proper working order as they can wear out sooner than other parts.

5. Starter Motor Faults: The car engine is turned on by the starter motor, which in turn uses the battery power once you turn on the key in your car’s ignition. A faulty motor can adversely affect the car engine and prevent the vehicle from starting, let alone move. Hence, you must get periodic maintenance checks of the motor to avoid breakdowns.

6. Check for the Correct Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment is one of the most important factors concerning car safety. While driving, if you ever feel like your car is moving opposite to the direction of your steering wheel, there are high chances that your wheels are misaligned. Unaligned or wrongly aligned wheels possess high risks with them and might cause an unfortunate incident. Having aligned wheels helps you stay with your car for longer period of time, saves a lot of money from repair bills as well as increases your car’s fuel efficiency as well. Get your wheel aligned at Nil’s Tyre Service Wheel Alignment Blackburn to ensure a vibration-less and swift ride.

We hope you identify the above problems in your vehicle in a timely manner and get them fixed. You may get the above checks, repairs, replacements, and more at Nil’s Tyre Services. We offer car repair Blackburn, puncture repair and free tyre safety check blackburn, etc. at affordable prices. Just bring your car to us, and we will fix the rest.