6 Tips to Improve Your Car’s Mileage for Free!


Fuel prices are at an all-time high and show no signs of slowing down. Britain spent 761 million Pounds on fuel in FY 2017-18, making it one of the largest public expenditures of the year.

With government pushing for electric cars, this expenditure is bound to reduce in the coming years. However, you may incorporate a few practices in the meanwhile to reduce your individual fuel consumption by a significant margin.

Remember The Following Tips For Better Car Mileage.

1Maintain Optimum Tyre Pressure

You must maintain the correct tyre pressure as recommended in your car’s manual. On most passenger cars, it is usually between 32 and 35 PSI on all 4 tyres. An under-inflated tyre will make the engine work harder and also cause rapid tread wear. Buy the correct gauge and check the pressure of your Car Tyres Peterborough on a regular basis.

Tip – Check your tyre’s pressure closely during winters, as it gets warmer while driving, which leads to increased pressure and false high reading.

2. Use The Correct Gear

Drive within the speed limit and do not rev up your engine to the red line until you change the gear. It harms fuel economy and reduces its RPM. Change gears swiftly and increase only if necessary. As a responsible driver, you must not put others and your life at risk.

Note – While driving downhill, do not turn off your engine and shift it to neutral. It increases the risk of accidents as your car’s steering, and brakes are not working to their optimal levels.

3. Check The Air Filter

A blocked air filter harms performance and fuel economy. Use the correct air filter that provides better airflow. You can check for a blocked filter by placing it under the sun. If light passes through it, you are good to go. If not, you need a new one at the earliest.

4. Avoid Idling At Red Lights

You should put off your engine while at a stop for more than 30 seconds. Your car consumes more fuel if you turn it off for less than 30 seconds. If you plan to drive on the highway, you may turn the AC on and roll up your car’s windows to reduce drag.

5. Plan Your Journey With A Route Planner

If you are a daily commuter, you must plan the shortest journey to your destination. Use a route planner on your smartphone, which can help you to divert from a congested area and also advise you on a shorter route.

6. Regular Servicing is Important

Poor maintenance cannot give you good fuel economy numbers. Check the tyre pressure and tread depth of your car’s tyres frequently. Air filters are an essential part of your vehicle inspection in Peterborough. Use the correct lubricant and oil levels as prescribed in your car’s manual.

Regular oil change from Forza Tyres helps your engine consume less fuel and extend it life. They also provide expert quality services for exhausts, brakes, suspensions, and batteries. Fuel efficiency is an essential part of better car mileage. These 7 tips can help you save pounds on the rising fuel prices.

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