6 Tips to Maximise Road Safety this Winter

There is no more significant threat to road safety than water and snow. They reduce friction between your tyres and the road. This is exceptionally hazardous to car drivers during winter. They have to drive keeping their lives at stake, knowing that at any moment the car could malfunction or skid out of control.

According to news sources, almost 50% of car accidents in the UK that happened during winter are due to cars spinning out of control on wet or snowy roads. This is the reason why you should buy Winter Tyres in Birmingham. Apart from tyres, keep in mind the other safety measures.

Here, you will be informed about various steps you can take to enhance road safety this winter.

  1. Service Your Car: Sounds boring but is a useful measure. Servicing your vehicle at least twice a year ensures that you have no malfunctioning parts in your vehicle. No one wants to end up with a malfunctioning gear-box in the middle of a freezing highway. Go to a garage that has a well-equipped and trained workforce to handle your hardware.

  2. Learn About Tyres: Swap your standard summer tyres with winter variants. Winter Tyres in Birmingham are specially designed to provide excellent traction during winter. They contain a rubber-silica compound that improves traction on wet and snow-covered surfaces and prevents the tyre from stiffening up.

Furthermore, the high-density sipes displace water effectively, thus, preventing aquaplaning. For winter variants, you can go for reputed brands like Bridgestone Tyres in Birmingham.

There are many facilities in Birmingham that have a vast collection of winter tyre in Birmingham. One of such facilities is Flaxley Tyres which stock tyres from reputed brands like Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone and many more. Also, make sure that your tyre pressure is optimum. You can measure the tyre pressure using a pressure gauge from any local workshop.

  1. Check the Fluids (refill and replace): Replace old oil. In winters oils turn more viscous, making it harder for the car to start. Check on washer fluids, coolants and anti-freeze, refill and stock whether you are planning a long road trip or a just a short run to the supermarket.

  2. Learn How to Drive on Snow: Understand the value of driving slow. Start braking your car from a distance of 60 meters from where you want to stop, learn how to drive uphill and downhill, what to do if your vehicle starts to slide on the snowy road.

  3. Check the Brakes: Take a look at whether your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock braking system.

  4. Clear the Car’s Exhaust: Make sure your vehicle’s exhaust isn’t clogged with ice or snow. A blocked exhaust can lead to a release of deadly CO gas inside the passenger cabin.

By following the above tips, you will make sure that every time you hop into the car with your family, you will be safe from the treacherous wet and snowy roads. Besides, investing in Winter Tyres Birmingham to improve your chances of safety.