7 Tips to Swear By for Assured Longevity of Tyres

It is often said that a man’s character can be judged by the shoes he wears. Similarly, a vehicle’s potential can be judged by its tyres. No matter how luxurious your vehicle, its on-road life is directly compromised if the tyres aren’t in an ideal condition. Not only is it imperative to have tyres in excellent condition for safety reasons but also because it is a mark of a classy owner!

Following a few basic tips is all it takes to assure longevity of tyres and consequentially your vehicle’s life too. Hence, coming to what is truly consequential, following are the top seven tried and tested tips that you must incorporate in practice for ascertained tyre longevity, thus rendering your vehicle road-worthy. Here is a look:

1) Go Easy On The Accelerator

This one is basic! Over-speeding is the primary cause for early and uneven tyre wear and tear. Driving at high speed causes the running tyre temperature to increase and proportionally also increases the heat generated, thus softening the rubber and reducing its stiffness. It eventually results in easy, faster and more severe tyre wearing.

2) Adopt Cautious Driving Habits

Not only speed, but the driver’s driving style is equality crucial in determining the longevity of tyres. There will be plenty uneven wearing despite maintaining an ideal speed while driving if the vehicle isn’t handled smoothly at sharp turns or potholes. Thus, it is imperative that you drive calmly even when cornering or on uneven roads, without aggression or harsh breaking.

3) Tyre Rotation Is A Healthy Practice

Steering causes the set of front tyres to wear faster than the hind set. Rotation refers to switching the position of tyres to ensure even wearing; Ideally the front set is switched with the hind set of tyres. This not only extends the longevity of tyres, but also helps draw better utility for the tyre sets.

4) Ideal Rear Axle Fittings For New Tyres

Post tyre rotation, the new set of tyres should be fitted replacing the rear set. This is because the new set undoubtedly renders better grip which is a necessity especially in situations such as emergency braking, driving on wet or slippery surfaces.

5) Weighing Down Your Vehicle Isn’t Advisable

Overloading your car with more than optimum weight can have significant effects that you may let go unnoticed. But the changes will affect your car performance causing issues such as imbalance and disrupted wheel alignment.

6) Regular Check For Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is often ignored by many but it is in fact crucial to have complete control of your car while driving. If you practice safe driving, tyre pressure won’t be a frequent issue but nonetheless it must be checked monthly, if not sooner. Optimum tyre pressure will not only keep your tyre from easy wear and tear but will also help you save on fuel.

7) Wheel Alignment Should Be A Fortnightly Or Monthly Practice

Disrupted wheel alignment is when your vehicle’s suspension shifts from its ideal geometry and this occurrence directly implies compromised safety. For this too, it is necessary that you get fortnightly or monthly check-up since prolonged alignment issue can lead to irreversible damages to tyres.

Conclusively, tyre longevity is possible if one religiously follows these basic tips. You can thank us later! In case you seek further consultation on tyres Northampton or any maintenance and general car servicing, we’re just a call away at www.superiorcars.co.uk

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