7 Warning Signs that Your Car Needs a Brake Repair – Beware!

Brakes are often taken for granted until there is a significant problem that halts your trip. They are arguably the most important component as far as your safety is concerned. An impending brake failure prevents the superior performance of your car’s brakes. Understand the following signs and undergo brake repair in Pickering as soon as possible.

  1. Shakes and vibrations

High-performance cars endure extreme braking which causes the brake rotors to heat and warp every time you apply them. Consequently, this might lead to your vehicle’s brakes chattering and vibrating over time. If you can feel your car shake or vibrate, it’s a tell-tale sign that your brakes might need repair.

Your vehicle’s steering wheel pulling to one side or vibrating is also a sign of brake repairs required immediately.

  1. Unordinary noises

Squeaking noises when applying brakes is a sign to worry about. Your brake pads may have started to wear out if you can hear a loud metallic squealing noise. The absence of small metal hairs at the bottom of your car’s brake pads indicates they are running out of material to generate the much necessary friction.

Screeching or grinding noise coming from your vehicle is primarily due to worn-out brakes.

  1. Lengthy time to slow down

If you require more time to generate enough braking power from the pedal, you should understand that it’s time to go ahead with repairs or replacements. Typically, increased braking distance translates into professional assistance. Refer to expert garages such as Add Tyres and Exhausts for a comprehensive service of your car’s brakes. They also provide repair services on punctures, batteries and exhausts, etc.

  1. The smell of burning odour

Noxious odour emitted from your wheels is not normal and may have dangerous repercussions. It occurs due to overheating and continuous braking. Allow your brakes to cool down and consult a car expert immediately.

Fading pads may damage the performance of your car’s overall braking mechanism other than becoming a safety concern in less than ideal wet or icy road conditions.

  1. Brake lights come on

You need to service your brakes immediately if the main braking warning light beams. Your car has experienced a failure in the hydraulic system, a common sight for rough drivers.

The warning light is present on the dashboard which turns red or yellow. It is easy to spot it and get your brakes repaired in time.

  1. Fading

Fading occurs due to problems in the brake fluid. During excessive braking, there are chances of a leak in the brake hose or fluid. Brake fluid might be contaminated if your car pulls to one side when you apply the brakes. It is an indication of linings not wearing evenly for equal braking across all the wheels.

You can view a brake fluid leak from underneath the car, a typical sign to get them serviced from the nearest garage.

  1. Mileage

Lastly, you must change brake pads after every 50,000 miles. However, some need replacements as early as 25,000 miles, and on the other hand, 75,000 miles are sufficient for others. Consult the owner’s manual for accurate specifications or go for a car repair in Pickering for persistent problems.

Replace your brakes immediately if they are worn out or lose performance. Check all the brake system parts before you embark on a long journey.

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