8 Easy Ways You Can Take Better Care of Your Car’s Tyres

In today’s busy schedule, we often tend to focus on the exterior of the car while essential parts are left neglected. Worn out tyres, cars with improper wheel alignment, and incorrect tyre pressure are the leading causes of road accidents throughout the UK in 2018. It’s an irony that these problems can be avoided easily by keeping a regular inspection and maintenance schedule.

Here are some tips to keep your car’s Tyres Maidstone in good shape over a long period.

1. Check The Tyre Casing

Inspect the exterior of the tyres at least once a week before heading out. If you notice any visible damages on the ply cord or steel belts, you need to consult a technician from a professional car garage like AN Tyres.

2. Maintain Inflation Pressure

Tyre pressures should always be checked and corrected if necessary. A tyre loses 1 PSI of air pressure every month. Such loss of inflation pressure increases even further in winter. Under-inflated tyres are likely to impair the performance of your car and risk your on-road safety.

On the other hand, over-inflation increases the diameter of the tyre and decreases the tread-contact patch with the road. Tyre sidewall also loses its flexibility if the tyre pressure is too high.

3. Tyre Balancing

If the wheels are not properly balanced, your car will start to vibrate while it is being driven. That’s why it’s necessary to balance the wheel assembly whenever:

  • You feel vibrations through the steering wheel and floorplate
  • After every 3000 miles.
  • While Mounting or de-mounting a tyre.

4. Tyre Rotation

Rotate your car’s tyres to prevent any irregular wear. It’s recommended to rotate them after every 6,000 miles. It ensures that all the tyres wear out at the same rate.

5. Wheel Alignment

Proper alignment of all the wheels of your vehicle is crucial for the performance and longevity of the tyres. With time and use, these settings usually need adjustments. Wheel alignment is the procedure which arranges the wheels as per the correct caster, camber and toe angles.

Check your owner’s manual to know the recommended mileage before you opt for a wheel alignment.

6. Know When To Replace

According to some tyre specialists, a tyre should not be used for more than ten years; it also depends on other factors such as total driven distance, driving and climate situations.

If the tyre treads wear out beyond the minimum legal level (1.6mm across the ¾ of the tread around the circumference of a tyre), replacing them is the only option.

7. Change Your Driving Bad-Habits

Rough and frequent braking leads to early wear and tear on your car’s Tyres Aylesford. So, avoid rash driving and sudden braking at all cost. It’ll aid for the on-road safety for both you and your car’s tyres.

8. Don’t Mix and Match

It is recommended that you use the same size and type of tyres on all four of your car’s wheels. Different types of tyres will create varying levels of traction, which is dangerous in case of high-speed driving.

If you follow a regular inspection schedule for your car’s tyres, you can prevent problems from snowballing into an issue in future. However, you can always consult a specialist if you are in doubts with the road-worthiness of your tyres.

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