A Brief Introduction Of Summer Tyres

There are many different types of car tyres available in the market. All of them are classified according to the different climatic and road conditions. You must choose tyres that suit your surroundings and your driving habits. For instance, If you live in a place with hot weather conditions, then you must opt for summer tyres. However, not everyone is well acquainted with summer tyres. The following is a brief description of summer tyres that will help you understand it’s working and construction.


What are summer tyres?

Before making any decision, you must know what summer tyres are and what they are made of. Summer tyres are made of rubber compounds, which are flexible and soft. That is why the Continental Tyres Bridge of Don can maintain a better grip on the road.


On these tyres are engraved a special tread pattern that reduces the rolling resistance and offers better traction to them on dry roads. Therefore, they are an excellent choice to purchase when you are in a warmer region.



On warmer days, summer tyres have simple and better handling on dry as well as wet roads. These tyres are not very complex in comparison to other tyres. Also, they are smaller in size with few grooves on them and can maintain constant contact with the road due to their material.


Moreover, summer tyres also have a shorter braking distance and contain soft rubbers because of which they have reduced rolling resistance and thus consume less fuel.


However, you must be thinking —why not use all-season tyres, which can be used throughout the year, instead of having a summer tyre. That may be an economical decision, but you must know that summer tyres provide better performance and handling during warmer days than all-season tyres. Summer tyres ensure your safety and are more efficient on dry roads, making them the right choice for you while purchasing a tyre for summer.



Summer tyres have the following advantages-

  • Due to their advanced tread patterns and flexible construction, summer tyres make it easy for you to control your car steering, offering better mobility and safety on summer roads.
  • The performance of these tyres on dry and wet roads is better than any other type of car tyre, and the grooves in them help to displace the water on the road easily.
  • Their treads are constructed in such a way that they prevent the grooves from getting any airflow in them. This enables the summer tyres to move smoothly and efficiently.


Requires Proper Maintenance

Everything without proper maintenance and care becomes a waste. Just like that, summer tyres also need proper maintenance to keep going for a long duration. They need good handling and regular checks at certified places to ensure safety.


These tyres cannot be used on colder days, as they are not constructed to overcome the snow. Summer tyres are suitable for temperatures above 7 degrees. Driving below the temperature would cause wear and tear in the tyres. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of your tyres to retain their durability and longevity. Moreover, when the season passes, you must ensure that it gets a proper storage facility.



Summer tyres are cheaper than other tyres. Even though they provide better performance and fulfill the demand, they are not very expensive. If you want a tyre with improved quality and longevity at an affordable price, then summer Tyres Bridge of Don are the best choice for you, as they are pocket-friendly.


Summer tyres are indeed the best kind of tyres one can use on dry roads. These tyres not only have excellent grip but also offer outstanding fuel efficiency. However, if you have still not brought summer tyres for yourself, you can visit Laws Tyres Bridge Of Don to get one.