A Complete Guide On Motorbike Tyres For First Time Riders

Riding a bike gives a thrill and, to maintain your safety, the right tyres are important. So many focus on car tyres and what they are buying but with motorbike tyres, it is just a cursory glance. Whether you ride a scooter, a bike, you require the right tyre. The market is filled with many choices, and going for anything particular could be an overwhelming feeling.

What is the right tyre for your motorbike? What should you keep in mind? What are the most common tyre types? These are some of the most common questions you will come across. For your easy understanding, here is a detailed guide where you will get all the necessary information.

How To Choose The Right Bike Tyre?

The answer might seem way too obvious, but the right bike tyres Ludlow size should be your primary focus. The speed rating and the load rating matter too, and always go for a branded manufacturer who uses quality rubber components. Depending on the type of purpose and what you will use your bike the most, purchase tyres accordingly.

  • Touring tyres are the standard ones, and they are usually fitted with most of the bikes. This kind of tyre comes with great tread depth making sure you get a better grip while riding, even on cold and wet roads. They perform well in a diverse temperature range; however, they should not be used for off-roads and are mostly meant for the highways.
  • If you use your bike regularly for your office and off-road trips, then this is the best choice. They come with wide tread depth so that there is maximum grip no matter the road condition. However, as the treads are wider, there is less contact patch, and it cannot be used on the highways.
  • All-terrain tyres, as the term would suggest, can be used in different road conditions and surfaces. The presence of stud makes sure that you get a maximum grip even on dirt roads filled with gravel.
  • Sports tyres are another option and are mostly used for sporty racing events. Made of soft rubber, they cannot perform well off-road and all-terrain. Handling gets tough on wet roads and, the tread depth being narrow, it can wear out faster.

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Does Tread Pattern Matter?

You require a tread pattern based on whether you are driving on a wet road or gravel filled one, as it should perform effective hydroplaning and generate heat. No matter the type of bike tyres Berrington you are purchasing, it should know how to grip the loose road and clear away mud. Extreme tyres might seem trendy but come with less road grip and do not offer that much of a comfortable ride.

How To Figure Out How Old Your Tyres Are?

Since 2000, a regulation has been passed where the date of manufacture should be mentioned at one side of the tyre sidewall. You will find it as the last four digits. Before 2000, tyres were manufactured with a three-digit code, making it impossible to figure out when the tyres were manufactured.

How To Maintain Your Tyres?

Whether car tyres or motorbike ones, it is important that you maintain them to increase the tyre’s longevity. Your bike owner manual will have the necessary data on the type of tyre that might go best and the tyre pressure that should be religiously followed. Tyre rotating and balancing is essential too so that they do not wear out faster.

Find the right tyre dealer after thorough research on what is your bike’s suitable tyre fit. Tyres are expensive, and it is not every day that you can invest in one. So do not jeopardise your life by investing in cheap tyres and make a wise decision so that you can enjoy your long rides with peace of mind. 

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