A Complete Guide to Buying the Best Tyres for Your Car

Finding the best tyres for your car can be a hassle. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration, after all, tyres are pretty expensive, and you would not like to change them frequently.

A pair of good tyres can help in improving the steering, braking and handling of your vehicle apart from guaranteeing safety concerns. Hence, buying appropriate tyres for your car is an absolute necessity. So, here are some tips you should keep in mind before purchasing a new pair of tyres.

  1. Tubeless or tube tyres

This is a very simple question to answer. It is better if you choose tubeless tyres. They are durable, safer and have many other benefits as well. Most importantly, tubeless tyres can help you avoid pressure loss in case of punctures.

  1. Rubber Compound

The wear and traction characteristics are primarily dependent on the rubber compound. Usually, the rubber quality is proportional to the speed rating and traction of the tyre. While the tyre tread life is inversely proportional to the speed rating of the tyre.

So, if your tyre has a higher speed rating, it will provide better traction and lower tread life. Hence, check out the rubber compound before buying a pair of new tyres. Consider your driving conditions as well.

  1. Tyre size

The size of a tyre is one of the crucial things to consider while purchasing a new pair. Normally a tyre size is represented as, for example, ‘225/45 R17’. Here, ‘225’ is the tyre width in millimetres and ‘45’ is the aspect ratio. ‘R’ is the tyre type, which is radial in this case. ‘17’ stands for the rim diameter in inches.

Choosing a New Set:

Before going for a new set of Tyres in Northampton or anywhere else in the UK, get a hold of these factors: –

  • Rim Size –

If you choose larger rims, it will decrease your sidewall height and reduce the flexibility of the sidewall during cornering. It affects your riding comfort and safety as well.

  • Tyre width –

You should always take note that the width of your tyre is in proportion with your wheel width. Even the slightest misappropriations will affect your braking, cornering and overall driveability.

  • Sidewall Profile –

Sidewall height is directly relative to cornering abilities. A better sidewall height (also known as sidewall flex) will let you get the most out of your car while taking fast corners or steering inputs at high speeds. High-speed movements create additional pressure on the tyres. More sidewall height gives your car more room to the apex.

Keep these pointers in mind before going for your new set of tyres. If you still find it hard to choose your next set, don’t hesitate to refer expert technicians at reliable garages such as Superior Cars. Let them help you pick out the correct tyres for your vehicle.



These are some of the crucial things you need to consider while availing a new pair of Cheap Tyres Northampton. A wrong choice of tyres will not only affect your car performance but create multiple safety hazards as well. Save up on future expenses by making a smart choice today.

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