A Complete Guide to Keeping Your Car Tyres in Good Shape

As per one Dunlop survey, 36% of Brutish vehicle owners are driving on damaged tyres. The UK tyre-maker ran a study on over 5,000 vehicles in 2018 and found that only 34% of them are plying on accurately inflated tyres. Out of them, only about 14% have proper tread depth.

In this scenario, the need for proper tyre maintenance cannot be overstated. If the alarming figures aren’t frightening enough, you can be slapped with a £2,500 fine the next time you drive on defective tyres.

Therefore, try to keep your tyres in proper shape with these maintenance tips.

  1. Maintain Proper Tyre Inflation

Proper inflation is necessary for delivering the best tyre performance, improve safety and increase fuel efficiency. Underinflated tyres cause excessive friction which leads to premature tyre wear. On the other hand, over-inflation makes tyre susceptible to punctures. Under such circumstances, take your vehicle for a Tyre Repair in Preston.

  1. Check Tread Depth

As per the legal limit in the UK, keeping 1.6mm of tread depth is mandatory. Although, it is advised to maintain at least 3mm of tread depth for maximum efficiency. It provides better traction and improved grip. Moreover, tyre treads are also designed to resist hydroplaning on wet roads. But, excessively worn-out tyres lack these functionalities resulting in chances of punctures. In the case of leaks, go for a Puncture Repair in Preston at a professional garage.

  1. Inspect Tyre Wear

Routine inspection of tyres for symptoms of damage is crucial for your safety and your vehicle’s performance. You must consult with a professional regarding your tyre diagnostics. Ask your technician to check and inspect signs of cracks, bulges, or perforations on tyres. Any such issues must be fixed from a tyre repair garage.

You can rely on reputed garages like Star Tyres for a Tyre Repair in Preston.

  1. Perform Wheel Alignment

Have you been noticing uneven tyre wear for a while? Does your car veer to one side even though you’re trying to drive straight? These could be the result of misaligned wheels!

Misalignment not only wears your tyres quickly and unevenly but also causes severe damage to your car’s suspension components. If it goes unnoticed, it could lead to even more damage to the vehicle’s internals. Therefore, on the first signs of misalignment, take your car for a wheel alignment in Preston. For worn-out tyres, get them fixed from a workshop specialising in Tyre Repair in Preston.

With proper maintenance, tyres’ life can be increased to an extent. But over time, tyres age and start to give in. The balding of tyre treads make them susceptible to punctures. Moreover, if the perforations are not mended promptly, it could also lead to tyre blowouts, thus risking your road safety. Hence, a Puncture Repair in Preston is vital as soon as you see signs of perforations.

Following these tips will keep your car tyres in an optimum state and deliver satisfactory performance. Additionally, it will ensure your safety and increase the longevity of your car tyres.