A Comprehensive Guide on the Best Set of Tyres for Your SUVs

4×4 cars are all the rage nowadays. With the sudden rise in SUV users in the UK, the demand for 4×4 tyres is also notching better numbers every day. If you are running on this trend, you’ll be probably looking for a proper set of 4×4 tyres in Coventry.

There are quite a few varieties within SUV tyres. Hence, visiting an auto garage to buy new car tyres may confuse you. To make it easier for you, here is everything you need to know about the types:

1. All Terrain

Designed for both on-road and off-road usage, these tyres are an ideal balance between the two. You can drive them in regular asphalt without suffering excessive wear. You can also use these tyres for occasional off-road driving. You’ll find the label (A/T) or all-terrain on these tyres.

2. Street Terrain

Also known as on-road tyres, these tyres are designed for plain asphalt. You may also find the marking (H/T) High Way terrain. It means the tyres are for 90% road usage and 10% off-road usage.

3. Mud Terrain

As the name suggests, these are useful in mud, snow and grass surfaces. They’ll have highly-spaced groove patterns and bigger tread blocks for optimal grip and traction in these conditions. You’ll find the marking (M/T), meaning 15% on road and 85% off-road usage.

Few Precautions To Take Before Choosing New Tyres:

  • Load index of your new tyres must be greater than or equal to the previous set.

  • The speed rating must be as per recommendations from the manufacturer.

  • All four wheels must be fitted with identical tyres of the same size, brand, tread pattern, load and speed index and usage category.

  • Tyres must not jut out of the vehicle wings.

It is common to assume that replacing only the damaged tyres is sufficient. But that is not recommended by experts. It is best to replace all 4 tyres together along with buying all 4 from the same brand.

Why Is It Better To Replace All 4 Tyres Together?

  • You are unlikely to find new tyres with the same tread pattern as the old one.

  • Different brands will have slightly different diameters. Tyres with mismatched size will pose a variety of problems. For example, the smaller tyres will rotate faster to compensate for the speed gained by the larger ones. This puts additional stress on the drivetrain causing long-term damages.

  • The difference in wheel rotation can send wrong inputs to the ECU which, in turn, will hamper the overall electronic drive control systems in your SUV.

  • Tread depth difference between old and new tyres can be problematic. Ideally, it shouldn’t be more than 0.09 inches.

  • Mismatched tyres can disrupt the overall balance and the road grip of the vehicle.

Other than choosing the right set of tyres, accurate wheel alignment is just important to get the best possible performance out of your vehicle. Get your wheel alignment done when you invest in these costly tyres. For example, you can visit auto garages like Central Point MOT for a wheel alignment in Coventry.

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