A glance at the GoodYear tyres

Incorporated in 1898 and headquartered in Akron, Ohio, United States, Goodyear has been a pioneer at making tyres since its early days. Being the largest producer of tyres in the United States, Goodyear is known for its quality around the globe. Making tyres from automobiles to hydroplanes, it has made its presence felt in every sector. Many factors go into making a company a global leader. Being more than a hundred year old, it brings its experience into making tyres. In the following article, we will embark on a journey to understand the history of Goodyear tyres and see what separates them from the crowd.

A peek at history

Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber, was the inspiration behind the name of the company. The company started its journey with bicycle and carriage tyres. It had its first major success in 1903 when it was granted the patent for tubeless tyres. In the mid-1920s, they started working on large low-pressure tyres. These tyres were later known as “tundra tyres” and were used widely in small aircraft. Goodyear Tyres Walsall provides you with excellent tyres round the year.

The company had its IPO in 1927 and has been public ever since.

What makes them so special?

> Goodyear tyres go through around 50 performance tests before hitting the road.

> Considering the high snowfall in European countries, it makes their winter tyres go through rigorous scrutiny.

> The company has always been about maintaining the best quality and service to its users.

> It makes sure that all its users are apprised of what they are buying. All the tyres, be it summer, winter, or rain, they come with all the labels and marks.

Always innovating 

> With the invention of a pneumatic truck tyre, it made transportation easier and reliable.

> The company made a super-slim tyre, that has a width of two tyres. These are widely used in trucks and other heavy vehicles.

> The brain behind the land rover tyres is Goodyear only. Car Tyres Walsall are made to withstand any predicament.

> The company has been making tyres for truck racing. To manufacture tyres for such a weight at such a high speed speaks volume about their determination. They took it to the next level by adding RFID technology to their tyres. This helps in tracking each tyre separately and assessing their performance.

Goodyear blimp

In 1917, the company decided to dominate both land and air and created a blimp. An airship, without any internal structure, is floated solely on the pressure of gases inside it. The first use of blimp for advertising purposes was in 1925. Ever since then, people have been witnessing them at various sporting or other events.

For a company to grow to such a scale from scratch is only possible through hard work and determination. The company has succeeded in gaining the trust of its users by providing them quality products and timely service. With their Goodyear Blimp, it has shown the world a new revolutionary way of advertisement. It has also proved its mettle in innovations not only on roads but also in the air. With thousands of stores in hundreds of countries, Goodyear has not only