A Guide to Alloy Wheel Repair Kits

Alloy wheels are a perfect partner for a vehicle. They are relatively light, provide quicker acceleration and put less strain on other components of your automobile. However, keeping your alloy wheel as good as new is a tough job. Its durability is one of the disadvantages. But there are some repair kits for your alloy wheels to help you out.

These kits do not guarantee a professional finish, yet they are cheaper and can work well with small tears and scratches. To help you with the whole process of repairing your alloy wheel, we have constructed a guide for you.

How is the kit helpful?

Alloy repair kits are quite easy to use. To repair your wheels’ damage, they fill it to even out the surface to give a smoother finish. The kit should include the following:

  • Hand gloves

  • Lacquer

  • Primer or any filler

  • Lacquer

  • Application tools

Steps to use the kit

  • Use the washing up liquid to clean the wheel thoroughly. Before you move forward to the next step, you do not want any grime or dirt on your wheel.

  • The next step is to sand down any alloy parts which you can see sticking up. Be careful while working with sandpaper as you can over sand the surface.

  • There will be a variety of sandpapers in the kit. So, switch to finer sandpaper and rub down that area again. Slightly dampen a cloth to remove any dust left by the sanding. Wait till the area is dried.

  • You can now move ahead to fill the space for which you can either choose filler putty or filler spray. To use the filler putty, simply mix it and fill it into the areas. There shouldn’t be any lumps, and the area should be equally surfaced as much as possible. On the other hand, you need to spray the contents of your filler spray wherever it is required. You will have to apply the spray several times. Be careful to let the spray dry completely before you coat the area again.

  • Use the sandpaper again to provide a finish to your Alloy Wheel Repair Leamington Spa.

  • ┬áIt is one of the most crucial steps as the overall look depends on this step solely. So don’t rush here.

  • Same as before, dampen a cloth to clean the sand dust and let the surface dry.

  • It is time for paint, now. For applying paint to you have two alternatives. You can use a brush to paint over the surface. Choose a small brush and paint it with small strokes to get a cleaner finish. You can also use spray paint. Remember to shake the container well before applying the paint. In both cases, several applications will be needed, so take your time.

  • In the end, use the lacquer as it seals in the paint and protects it. You would need to apply several coats of the lacquer and let it dry completely. Also, remember to not spray the lacquer from too close as it could make it runny.

Disadvantages of alloy wheel repair kits

While these kits may be lighter on your pocket, they do not compare to a professional job. The kit manages to cover up the disfigured areas, but you would be able to see that something has been done up close. Moreover, these repairs are temporary, and the colour doesn’t always match.

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