There are rules made for everything that we go through in our daily life, from walking on the footpath to shopping from Walmart. If there are no rules made, we’ll probably end up collapsing into different things. It can also result in accidental causes. Driving and vehicles are that aspects which cannot be ignored when it comes to safety because it is not only responsible for the safety concern of the driver but also the people inside the car and the other people on the road.

MOT is one of the steps taken by the government of The United Kingdom to ensure the safety of the vehicle. The MOT requires the testing of different parts of your car and ensures if it is safe to run it on the road. This test is done on brakes, mirrors, seat belts, fuel system, lights, windscreen wipers and many more.

The vehicle that is required to have this test should be three-years-old or more. It is also essential to get your MOT certificate renewed on an annual basis. Cars are something that needs to be serviced at a period, so likewise, the reason behind getting your MOT renewal annually is to ensure your safety with your vehicle. Let’s gather some more information about it.


Before going for testing, you should always be aware of the time it will consume to get the test done. Usually, it takes 40-60 minutes to get an MOT test done. Not very much, is it? Now, it sometimes depends upon the situation like the process can take longer time if your vehicle fails the test. Your vehicle will need to get the repairs done as you cannot take a broken vehicle to the road. However, it’s not a pressure to keep your vehicle at the garage to get it fixed in case it fails the test. You can drive your car on the road if it fails the test, and your current certificate is valid. Now let’s see what documents you may need to get the test done.

  1. Current tax disk
  2. Proof of address
  3. Service history
  4. Previous MOT certificate
  5. Driving license
  6. Service history
  7. The bus fare home
  8. Notice of refusal

After checking all your documents, the test should proceed. Experts will check the road worthiness of your vehicle on every aspect. If your vehicle passes every important aspect, you’ll be handed over your MOT certificate. You can get the test done at any garage conducting the test or else you can get it done by the MOT test centres. Do not forget that it’s illegal to drive your vehicle without MOT if it’s more than three years. Apparently, there are approx—21000 MOT test centres in the country. To get a certificate for your MOT is a place you can always count on.


The driver and vehicle licensing agency (DVSA) is the head agency in The United Kingdom for the transport department. It approves people as MOT testers and the driving instructors. It is also the one to set the general price for the tests like MOT. Usually, getting a mot test done can cost you up to £29.65 for a motorbike and £54.87 for a car. It is maximum that you’ll have to pay to get the test done. An authentic place to get your MOT SLEAFORD is one more place to count on. Do not forget; the best drivers are aware that they must be beware.

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