A Layman’s Guide to Buying Tyres – The When, Where and How

The most common emotion associated with shopping for new tyres is that of exasperation. Almost no one will ever tell you that their favourite hobby is to visit a garage to buy new tyres.

There’s a good reason for this shared aversion towards buying tyres- there are so darn many of them! What’s worse, they all look the same. Well, almost! Then there are the cryptographic codes inscribed on them that require the expertise of a senior MI6 agent to crack.

For an average consumer, that is not a recipe for an enjoyable shopping experience. So, let’s break down this chore part by part.

Starting from the basics

The first question that you need to answer is whether you need a new set of tyres. Some signs and symptoms will let you know when it’s the right time.

  • Inadequate tread depth

  • Physical damage on the tyre body

  • Inability to retain air inflation pressure

  • Big punctures

Most of these symptoms are easily noticeable. Just spare a couple of minutes every day and give a visual once over before you start your journey for the day.

So, I need tyres. What now?”

Now you are asking the right questions!

The answer, of course, is to visit a reputable auto garage like Roberts Tyres at Sleaford. They have an extensive range of tyres in Ruskington from every globally acclaimed brand ranging from Continental to Bridgestone and beyond. They can also help you with your vehicle’s MOT test as well.

Cool. But there are so many!”

Fair point. There are hundreds of models of tyres available at an average auto garage, each slightly different from the other in appearance and purpose. Let’s make a list of the primary considerations that you have to make to choose the perfect set.

Purpose: Define your purpose first. Do you need these tyres for summer or winter driving? Is it mainly for off-roading or city traffic? Are the tyres for a sedan, coupe, SUV or LCV?

Once you have answered these basic questions, you’ll notice that you have already narrowed down the extensive list of choices by a mile.

Size: The cryptographic codes mentioned at the onset come into play here. They are nothing but alphanumeric codes denoting various aspects of tyre size. You will find the recommended tyre size for your particular car model in its owners’ manual. Without going into the details of what each code means, let’s just say that you need to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation like gum sticks to the sole of a shoe.

Budget: The price of tyres in Ruskington range from below £50 to over £500. Admittedly, the quality of tyres improves with the rise in the price. However, that does not imply that you need to go for the highest priced tyre. Consult with professional technicians at your chosen auto garage and choose a balanced tyre that’ll suit your needs. You don’t need a costly UHP tyre if your daily travel involves a trip to the grocery store and back!

Or, you could simply order the OEM model that your carmaker provided. It worked well this far, didn’t it?

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