A Proper and Useful Guide on Part-worn or Used Tyres

The tyres that have been used in a vehicle previously and is being offered for sale after a span of usage are the part worn tyres.

As compared to the brand new tyres, the part worn tyres cost less as they have already been used in some vehicle previously. The customers get attracted to these tyres due to their less price.

Part-worn tyres benefits

Many such worn tyres are shipped from Germany, where the legal minimum depth of the tread to be maintained is 3 mm. The legal minimum tread depth to be maintained in the UK is 1.6 mm. Thus, the tyres that are part worn and are imported from Germany have enough of tread still left. You can run few more miles on them. Their cheap price is the greatest benefit of the part worn tyres as compared to new tyres.

Part-worn tyres Disadvantages

Safety is a crucial aspect in any vehicle. You will obviously remove the tyre set from your car if you don’t consider them safe anymore. If your tyres are not safe anymore for another journey, are they safe for you?

Less grip, especially on wet road, is offered by the part worn ones as they have less depth of tread as compared to the new tyres. This indicates that you will have minimum traction along with low braking and cornering grip. It is also true that the durability of these tyres is very less as compared to the new ones. You need to get the tyres replaced frequently, which may lead to more expenditure. A new tyre has more tread depth than a worn tyre and hence, you will need to replace the tyres very soon after fitting a part worn rubber.

Part-worn tyres Alternatives

Retreaded or remoulded tyres have become a popular solution with passing years. UK still legalises the remould tyres if they function as per the strict regulations. If they are manufactured carefully, they can match the safety feature of the new tyres. Stripping the sidewall and tread from a second-hand Tyres Manchester and getting the carcass fit with new rubber are involved in tyre retreading.

The law and Part worn tyres

Selling the part worn rubber tyres that don’t satisfy the following requirements is illegal. It doesn’t matter if the tyre is put to the rim of a wheel. The requirements are:

  • You must be still able to see the original groves clearly. The grooves must be of at least 2 mm depth across the entire the tread breadth around the whole circumference.

  • The non retreaded part worn ones must have relevant ‘E’ with ‘Part Worn’ mark. The term part worn must be legibly applied forever in letters of at least 4mm height. You can’t cut these words into the tyre and can’t hot brand them.

  • The structural integrity of the Part Worn Tyres Manchester must be of high standard; it should be free of large lumps and any cuts or bulges both on the exterior and interior.

  • No exposure of cords or plies

  • Before being offered for selling, the tyres need to pass a test of inflation.

Part-worn tyres that have been re-treaded must have one of the following:

  • For tyres marked BS AU 144e, a marking of load capacity and symbol of speed category must be present

  • Permanent markings for identifying the original model and manufacturer

  • BS AU 144c, 144b, 144e or 144d markings next to the ECE mark of approval on the side wall of the Tyres Manchester

Fitting these worn tyres is a fake economy

This because:

  • Your and your car’s safety is in danger.

  • You will have to pay more amount per mm

  • You need to replace tyres very soon if you buy the worn tyres

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