A Sports Car Guide for those who Live on the Fast Lane

A vast majority of people are taken in by the allure of fast cars. There is an inherent appeal of a sports car that is hard to ignore. If you are one of the thousands aspiring to buy one of these beasts, there are a plethora of things to consider before and after making the purchase.

Since sports cars deliver considerably more power than standard passenger vehicles, their maintenance primarily involves careful optimization. However, before getting into that, you should consider the following things while purchasing your dream sports car.


The reason that more people aren’t buying sports cars is the budget issue. A sports car costs considerably more than standard sedans or hatchbacks. Premium models like Ferrari 488 GTB or Murcielago Roadster cost over £200,000.

However, if your budget is on the lower side, you can opt for functional models like Mazda MX-5 Roadster or Fiat 124 Spider Convertible. These cars come in the price range of £20,000-30,000.

If you are not insistent on buying a new car, used models can prove to be excellent value for money. You can get many sports cars in the used cars market for around £10,000.

Convertible or Coupe?

These are the two predominant categories of sports cars in the market. Both have their individual advantages as well as drawbacks.

  • Coupes offer better performance when it comes to handling. Convertibles, due to their open nature, are more prone to wind resistance which affects its handling and performance.
  • Coupes also take the cake when it comes to the price factor. With a few exceptions, convertibles are almost always dearer than coupes.
  • When it comes to the driving experience though, convertibles are the clear winners. You can feel the wind in your hair, hear the roar of the engine and enjoy an overall more thrilling drive.

It ultimately boils down to personal preferences. There is no universal consensus about which is the best.

Sports car maintenance

Maintaining a sports car is not fundamentally different than maintaining a standard vehicle. You just need to keep a few additional things in mind.

  • You should ideally fit your sports car with performance tyres. These tyres wear out faster than usual. Inspect the tread depth at least once a month.
  • Due to the additional pressure, they withstand because of the high speeds, the brakes of a sports car are also more prone to wear. Check the condition of your brakes Billinghay regularly. Look out for brake pad corrosion and low levels of brake fluid.
  • Sports cars also come with an advanced degree of automation, for example, power doors and convertible roofs. These additional features require greater battery output. It is, therefore, essential that you take extra care of your car’s battery. Check the power output once every week and ensure that the terminals are free from corrosion.

There are multiple other aspects that you should factor in. For a comprehensive car service routine, visit dependable auto service stations like Roberts Tyres. You may also buy tyres Sleaford for your sports car from their vast inventory.

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