Advantages of Winter Tyres for Teenagers

Tyres BirminghamEvery teen can be a bit reckless and rebellious. Also, they may be a bit careless at times, irrespective of their grades. Especially while moving on the road, this is true. It is a sad thing to mention that new drivers face car accidents within one year of starting to drive. Teenagers who learn driving are not very cautious on the road, and all parents must take precaution to prevent accidents. Fitting your car with Winter Tyres Birmingham is one way to help minimise the collision chance.

It is a usual misconception that the same quality is offered by the all-season tyres as winter tyres. This is just a myth. This is because the all-season tyres fail at delivering excellent performance in all conditions as they work to fulfil the requirements of every weather condition. For early fall and summer, you can use all-season tyres. But, superior handling and braking are offered only by the winter tyres. The snow tyres rubber is meant for cold climates, specifically. Enabling better braking, the ice and snow are better gripped by the snow tyres. This is the difference between a collision of the rear end and a close call. A horrible accident can be prevented by stopping even 1-meter earlier, in case your car is having braking troubles.

Buying a set of snow tyres set is a big investment, especially for less costly cars. The real fact is: – winter tyres act as a lifesaver while you are driving on icy or slippery surfaces. Thus, make sure to use them in colder atmospheres. Yes, it’s true that you won’t be able to prevent an accident with a tyre set but, being able to stop the car at some earlier distance will save your life. This stopping distance is affected by the kind of tyre that you use.

Advantages offered by the Tyre Chains in Snow

 Some of the best tools for driving in poor weather conditions are the Tyre Chains. These chains will also offer safety for the teens or the new drivers in the winter. Some of the crucial advantages of the snow tyre chains are:

Ice Breaking Down

For the ice accumulated on the ground, tyre chains are actually perfect in the snow. The chains are capable of breaking through the ice with their strength and power, all because of the vehicle weight. This makes ice more manageable and less slippery.

Heavy Snow Traction

Tyre chains and Snow Tyres Birmingham must not be used in milder climates as they are made to tackle heavy snow. Winter tyres offer a good amount of traction. Although the tyre chains may not offer the same traction level as the all-weather ones. Conditions having ice mixed in them need the Tyre chains and Snow tyres. The traction that a normal tyre can’t offer on ice will be offered by them.


To move normally on the roads, you do not need tyre chains and snow tyres during winter weather. To drive around easily, these tools help you simply as it reduces your driving time. As the chains offer more traction, you can drive faster as compared to the speed that you would have maintained with normal tyres.


The turn art is one of the toughest parts of winter driving. Driving safely in straight lines can be easy, but keeping traction while going into and moving out of a turn can be tough. The grip that you require to get through turns is offered by the Snow tyres.