All about punctures and damages

Nobody wants to get stuck in the middle of the road with blown-out tyres or a punctured one. However, you never know when your Yokohama tyres Shipley might just give up, causing you a lot of hassle. Tyres are a critical safety component and require care at all times for their optimum function and to increase longevity.

No matter how expensive of a tyre you are investing in, they are bound to age and deteriorate. However, they can start to deteriorate faster if they become prone to tyre damages. Knowing the different kinds of tyre damages can help you stay cautious and avoid them. Tyre damages can happen due to a lot of factors, including your driving skills, road condition, temperature, and other such factors. Here are some of the different tyre damages that are common and should be known by all.

The Most Prominent Kind- Punctures

Punctures are a very common type of car tyre damage that one should be aware of. Punctures usually occur when sharp objects pierce through the outer layers of the tyre, causing the air to leak. This can even lead to serious car component damage and cause you to lose control while driving. Punctures can happen due to various objects like sharp glasses, bolts, nails, and screws.

While you cannot control what is there on the road, you can surely be more cautious while driving. Try avoiding bumps and potholes. You will be able to tell when a puncture happens with a rapid loss of air. Invest in a puncture repair kit in case you are going for trips for temporary repairing until you find a professional.

Damage To The Tyre Wall

The tyre sidewall is the outer part of your car tyres. It is important that the sidewalls be strong enough to withstand any impact. Low air pressure and worn-out tread can play a major role in deteriorating the sidewall as well. You would come across two major tyre wall damages; this includes bulges as well as cuts. Bulges can happen due to several reasons, and it compromises the stability alongside the integrity of your tyre.

Tyre sidewall cuts happen due to impacts. While driving, always be careful of the road ahead. Tyre sidewall cuts can be dangerous as it causes loss of air and can lead to sudden tyre blowouts, and it can be fatal. Make sure to get your tyre sidewall checked now and then or do a visual inspection.


Cracks On Your Tyre

Cracks can occur on the tyre sidewall, especially the part which is in constant contact with the road. Cracks can happen due to temperature variations, bad roads, wear and tear of the tread, exposure to harmful UV rays, and others. Cracks cause faster tyre deterioration. Though small cracks are not dangerous, over time, they could cause loss of handling, grip, and control.

A one-minute visual inspection of the tyres gives you a look at whether your tyre is in good condition or not. You could easily tell if the tyres have cracks on them or not. The thicker the tyre crack is, the faster you should be looking for replacement options. Tyre cracks can never be completely repaired, therefore to keep your tyres going on for long, do not expose them to unnecessary chemicals; try keeping them in a closed garage.

Worn Out Tread

This is another kind of tyre damage you should pay close attention to. Tread is what helps your tyre get an optimum grip, improves your handling capability, and all-in-all provides optimum safety and performance. There could be several reasons behind tyre tread wear and tear.

The tyre tread should never fall below 1.6mm, seek professional help and get the tyres replaced whenever it happens. Get your tyres properly aligned, rotated, and balanced.

Therefore, these are the major types of tyre damage that can decrease your tyre’s longevity if care and maintenance are not done. Invest in quality tyres Shipley, and always get your tyres checked by a professional to avoid any costly repair later.