All Season Tyres or Summer Tyres – Know How to Make the Best Choice

Classification of tyres is generally used when you approach a repair or service centre. However, it’s not necessary that you understand these terms entirely. A lack of knowledge may lead to making the wrong choice of tyre.

Therefore, making the right choice of tyres is essential for your car’s health. Not to mention, it also saves you from the hassles of frequent repair and unnecessary expenses. There are primarily three types of tyres that are widely used across the UK, namely –

  • All season tyres

  • Summer tyres

  • Winter Tyres

While the third one is especially suitable for driving during the winter season, the choice between summer tyres and all season tyres in Stourport-on-Severn remains to be made. Here, we will see how you can make the best choice between the two to give your car tyres a long life.

Know what all season tyres are!

All season tyres in Stourport-on-Severn come with combined features of both winter and summer tyres. They are designed to give optimum performance even on adverse driving conditions. Their material, design and sustainability along with other structural features, are made to provide compatibility on diverse road conditions.

So, what are the summer tyres?

These tyres are dedicatedly designed to give a better performance during summers and autumns. As the road condition and environmental temperature, both remain tough on tyres during summers; these tyres need to have a special construct. Also, these tyres in Stourport-on-Severn improve traction and give a smooth driving experience throughout the season.

Advantages of all season tyres

These tyres become a cost-effective solution to other tyres that come with labels for specific seasons. Also, if you are driving in a city, All Season Tyres in Stourport-on-Severn give long-lasting performance due to moderate to good road conditions.

They also last as long up to 5 years, and if you drive cautiously, their life may even extend up to 8 years. Besides, they also give significant driving mileage apart from being suitable for driving in different seasons. However, when it comes to driving on sub-urban road conditions, summer tyres may prove more efficient during high temperatures.

Advantages of summer tyres

Summer tyres in Stourport-on-Severn are undoubtedly better when it comes to efficient braking, handling and traction when driving in a hot condition. Besides, summer tyres also become more durable than all-season tyres.

And, when it comes to mounting tyres on modern cars, there’s no doubt that they are better at meeting the demands of these vehicles.

So, when should you go for one over the other?

Here’s your answer –

  1. Go for all-season tyres when

  • You usually drive in and around the city

  • You maintain a cautious driving habit

  • Comfort is what you seek while driving

  1. Go for Summer Tyres in Stourport-on-Severn when

  • Durability is your prior concern

  • Your trips are based mostly outside the city

  • You have dynamic driving habits

Choose one over the other as per your needs and make sure you buy it from a reputed manufacturer. You may check out the range of tyres at expert garages like BG Auto Repair.

Make the best choice to get long-lasting tyres for your vehicle.

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