All That You Need to Know About Winter Tyres

There has been so much said and written about car tyres so far, but, heaps of such information piled up on the internet does nothing except leaving tyre seekers stranded under the clouds of confusion. With the winter approaching the time of year, your mind may be getting an idea of tyre replacement, i.e., specialist winter tyres in place of regular tyres. We, at ‘Nil’s Tyre Services’, are catering car owners with reliable garage services along with supplying quality winter tyres in Blackburn for years; thus, we know the story behind the purpose.

You have to get your car ready to combat the extreme wintertime before tracks and motorways get covered with a thick sheet of snow. But, what’s the way to make the right choice for winter tyres? This is what the centre of discussion here is set around – scroll down to get a thorough read of the post and get to know winter tyres, especially in case you are looking for a replacement.

What Defines Winter Tyres

Summer tyres are considered as the standard tyres all across the UK. However, they fail to perform well in extreme winter, when snow takes over the streets and roads. New vehicles come installed with the summer tyres as default, but people prefer to get their vehicles customised with the all-new set of winter tyres to help their cars battle the fierce winter season.

Tyres designed to be up and running even on snow-covered roads are tagged winter tyres. People living in the region with extreme winter conditions tend to upgrade their car’s regular tyres with the specialist winter tyres. ‘Nil’s Tyre Services’ has been serving the region as a reliable tyres retailer for more than a decade, and it receives more than a dozen of car upgrade with the winter tyres in Blackburn before the winter strikes. Thus, we know what winter tyres are defined by and which set of tyres will suit your vehicle’s make and model.

What Sets Winter Tyres Apart

Winter tyres are different than their siblings in the club, i.e., summer tyres and all-season tyres. And what sets them out in a different league is their specifications. The unique composition of rubber compounds makes the most of the specifications of the winter tyres and makes them stand out from the rest in terms of functionality and build quality.

Car owners who look forward to upgrading their cars with winter tyres in Blackburn, keep enquiring about the build and composition of winter tyres at our tyres retail facility. Winter tyres designed to confront the snow season make more use of silica than summer and all-season tyres. They are also integrated with deep grooves and sipes to maintain required traction on the snowy track.

The unique composition of silica and a distinct design on the circumference with deep grooves and sipes make winter tyres stand out from the rest, and serve the purpose in the snow season.

Is the Upgrade Really Worth Its While?

Whether you should consider upgrading your car’s regular tyres with the specialist winter tyres is followed up with a legitimate query, i.e., is the upgrade really worth its while? And the answer is yes! Winter tyres tend to provide vehicles with the required aid to drive through the snow-covered tracks – this is what tyres experts believe. We haven’t derived the reply to your query out of our promotional plans as a premier vendor of winter tyres in Blackburn.

The fact that winter tyres are truly meant for the season to cope with the wet, sliding, and snowy motorways is not fabricated in any sense. In extreme winter when the mercury drops down to a freezing temperature, and when regular car’s tyres fail to function well on the snow-filled lanes, winter tyres can come in useful for the purpose.

What Makes Winter Tyres Work In The Winter Season?

By integrating a unique composition of compounds and an exclusive pattern, tyres are shaped to work well in the wintertime. The rubber used in the manufacture of winter tyres is more malleable than that used in the regular tyres, thus providing flexibility to the tyres to stay up and running on the snowy paths. Moreover, extra grooves that we call sipes are also transfused on the tyres’ tread to enable better traction and easy movement on the sliding surface.

We sell most of the best winter tyres in Blackburn at our store – ‘Nil’s Tyre Dunlop

The name John Boyd Dunlop became a part of automotive folklore the day he set up a small rubber factory in Birmingham. Dunlop is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tyres and is a British icon to boot. Their phenomenal popularity in cities like Nottingham is nothing new. Dunlop has always represented British automotive excellence ever since.

If you are looking to buy Dunlop car tyres in Nottingham, you can get them at our facility, TST Tyres. Dunlop sells its various models across the world and has a significant toehold in most major economies, thanks to its quality products.

We are an authorised retailer of Dunlop’s products. Our facility boasts one of the largest inventories of Dunlop tyres in the UK.

What makes Dunlop tyres so famous?

Dunlop has long become something more than a mere tyre manufacturer; it is an icon. There are many reasons why Dunlop car tyres in Nottingham are so popular. Here are the most crucial ones:

Proven track record: Dunlop has had a great run since 1889. It has witnessed the ups and downs of the global automotive segment, and has managed to retain its significance. There are very few brands which can garner such brand value.

Available as standard OEM worldwide: From Mercedes to Toyota, most of the world’s automotive superpowers use Dunlop’s models as Original Equipment Manufacturers. All segments – SUVs, MUVs, trucks, and lighter vehicles – use their tyres.

Industrial major: Dunlop is one of those rare brands which have as much share in the industrial sector as it does in passenger vehicles segments. It’s MPT Radial and EM Radial tyre models are used for tractors worldwide. Of late, their SP PG7 MPT radials for industrial applications have created a flutter by boasting a ‘self-cleaning’ technology.

Proprietary technologies like MFS: Dunlop has, over many years, created a corpus which it uses for R&D. That has led to many innovations including MFS or Maximum Flange Shield. It is an extra layer of protection for tyres and wheel rims. You can buy superior-quality Dunlop tyres online from our facility.

Assured low sound output: Dunlop car tyres were among the first to adhere to the EU Tyre Label, which gives points to various radials on sound emission, wet grip, and low rolling resistance. Some of the latest Dunlop models that we stock deliver up to 50% lower decibel counts.

Buy Dunlop tyres from us

If you plan on buying a new set of wheels for your car, contact us to buy Dunlop tyres online. TST Tyres in Nottingham is an authorised retailer, and we offer secure transactions.Services’. Wide and deep grooves designed on the winter tyres allow them to disperse through the snowy and slippery tracks without giving your vehicle a setback. All in all, it’s the design and the unique rubber compositions that make winter tyres work well in the wintertime.

Do Winter Tyres Fall Apart More Readily Than Summer or All Season Tyres?

Now the next concern comes up is – whether the winter tyres fall apart more readily than the regular tyres, e.g., summer tyres and all-season tyres. Not really! Winter tyres are designed robustly to match, if not outlast the summer or all-season tyres.

We do get such queries from car owners about winter tyres in Blackburn when they approach us for tyres replacement. If you too have any such thought about winter tyres, we advise you put this myth aside before giving your car an upgrade of winter tyres.

How Much Money Goes into Upgrading a Car with Winter Tyres?

From Michelin to Continental and Goodyear to Bridgestone, ‘Nil’s Tyre Services’ offers a range of options to choose from. If you are looking for Winter Tyres in Blackburn to give your car a winter-worthy upgrade, assume us your first and last resort. Rest assured on the affordability front as upgrading your car with winter tyres at our hands will come at the most competitive prices. You don’t need to dig deeper into your pocket to get your car winter-ready for this winter season. They cost you as much as the other tyres, e.g., summer tyres and all-season tyres.

Do Winter Tyres Require a New Set of Wheels?

In most cases, you will not need a new set of wheels for your car when upgrading it with the winter tyres. However, if your car boasts of low profile summer tyres and large alloy wheels, you may have to go for wheel replacement as well. Winter tyres come with a taller and wider side profile, so they don’t fit well into a large wheel setting.

Allow us to take a look at your car’s wheel setting so that we can recommend you the right set of winter tyres that match not only the make and model of your car but also your personal style. We have been serving car owners with tyre replacement for Winter Tyres in Blackburn for years. Therefore, we know what will be the right choice for your car.

Upgrading your car with winter tyres does not result in any negative impact on the economy and performance of your car. Instead, it offers you absolutely must safety while driving in the winter season. So, go ahead for tyre replacement without stressing about it – it’s all worth your while.

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