All the Performance Parameters to Look for When Buying New Car Tyres

To derive the maximum performance out of your vehicle, the easiest thing you can do is to maintain your car tyres. Car tyres have a profound impact on performance parameters. Wet grip, cornering stability, steering response and fuel efficiency are the main parameters that tyres affect.

Let’s understand what each of these terms means and how tyres have an influence on them.

Vehicle Performance Aspects that Tyres Can Affect

  • Wet grip

Slippery roads impede a tyres ability to maintain traction with the tarmac. Summers in the UK are often accompanied by occasional thunderstorms, the result of which is poodles of accumulated water on roads and highways. The dangerous of meeting an accident also increases on wet slippery roads.

Water tends to accumulate between the tyres and the roads surface, causing a loss in traction also known as aquaplaning. A tyre with high wet grip will feature a tread pattern that’ll resist aquaplaning; thereby preventing the loss of traction even on wet roads.

  • Cornering stability

When turning around sharp corners, all vehicles tend to drag. Also, the high amount of centrifugal force that is generated during cornering must be counter-balanced by the wheels. Tyres enable this by producing a lateral force called cornering force.

To accommodate for this force, tyres readjust their structure when cornering. Tread blocks distort when the steering angle requires the necessary amount of front and lateral force. Larger contact between the tyre and the road surface enables better cornering stability. Moreover, tyres with a low-profile design and a sticky tread compound deliver better cornering force. It’s essential to look for high cornering stability Cheap Car Tyres Leighton Buzzard when choosing car tyres.

  • Steering response

How responsive a tyre is to steer input is dependent on its sidewall height. A tyres’ aspect ratio will indicate how high a tyre’s shoulder will be. Taller the side wall, lower will be the tyre’s responsiveness to steering input. Lower sidewall height enables a tyre to be more responsive to steering inputs.

  • Fuel efficiency

Rolling resistance of a tyre is the friction that it needs to overcome to continue to run smoothly. If the rolling resistance is high, the car engine will have to expend additional energy to overcome it. Thus, the result is lowered fuel efficiency.

By reducing the rolling resistance by 10%, it’s possible to save about 1.5% fuel. Hence, when buying new car tyres, it’s better to opt for tyres with low rolling resistance, as it enables better fuel economy. Generally higher concentration of silica on a tyre’s tread compound reduces rolling resistance.

Tips to derive the best performance out of car tyres –

  • Maintain correct tyre pressure.

  • Always drive with the proper wheel alignment.

  • Don’t let tyres to stay exposed to sunlight for a prolonged time.

  • Don’t let brake dust accumulate on tyre surface for a long time.

Always inquire about the above-mentioned performance aspects when buying new Car Tyres in Leighton Buzzard. A reliable car garage should help you with all your tyre-related queries. Reputed garages such as Buzzy Bee Tyres sell car tyres across all performance levels. They also offer wheel balancing and tyre fitting services.

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