All You Need to Know about Caravan Tyres

A caravan provides optimal space for you to reside in while you take a trip. Even when you go camping, spending the night in the van is much safer than outside. Thus, it has a lot of equipment to give you the best experience, which increases its load. And that is why it needs specialised tyres that can push through despite the weight for long distances.

What Type Of Tyres Are Used In Caravans?

To suit caravans, manufacturers develop a variety of tyres known as CP tyres. This CP stands for the most common use of these vehicles, which is camping. These radials come under the category of C tyres, wherein the ‘C’ stands for Cargo or Commercial. The entire range of C tyres is specially designed, allowing them to bear the load exerted by caravans for a long time. Brands such as Michelin, Pirelli and Continental are the leading manufacturers of the CP tyres.

What Do You Need To Know About Cp Tyres?

Caravans are heavy and so regular tyres are not capable of moving forward with that much weight. CP tyres are made specifically to suit the need of camping vehicles. The reinforcement of the tyre backbone increases its load capacity. In addition, the pneumatic pressure in these tyres is also kept pretty high.


How Do Caravan Tyres Get Damaged?

  • Sun damage: Most caravans are not in use throughout the year. They are left to stand in varying weather conditions a lot. The ultraviolet rays coming from the sun do not mesh well with the compounds that make up these tyres. Over time this causes the rubber to dry out. That results in premature cracking and splitting, rendering them unusable. Check the outer sidewall and front portion of the tread to figure out if your tyres are affected
  • Flat spotting: Most caravans are parked on their wheels for extended periods. That causes a particular section of each of its tyres to experience the entire burden of the van. That can lead to the distortion of the inner substructure of the tyre, creating a flattened spot. In standard passenger vehicles, this would be a non-issue.

When Should You Swap Out Old Caravan Tyres?

Unlike typical passenger cars, caravans are not on the road daily. On average, they travel around 3000 km a year. That means the tyres take longer to wear out. But the factors previously mentioned, sun exposure and flat-spotting, can cause it to get damaged.

If the detriment to the tyres is apparent, or if the tread abrades below the legal depth, switch them out immediately. But all tyre flaws may not be visible to you. Get them checked regularly by a tyre expert. Irrespective of how the tyres look, you should use a set for around five years. If you keep up the maintenance, a maximum of seven years may be permitted.

What Are The Steps Necessary For Taking Care Of Caravan Tyres?

High inflation pressure is required for these tyres. So it is crucial to measure it regularly and make adjustments to keep it in the correct range. Be sure to check the tyre valves when you do so.

Perform an inspection of the tread frequently. Get rid of any stones and also check the tread depth. A replacement will be due if the value is below the permitted limit.

If you are not planning on using your caravan for a while, it is best to remove its wheels and Goodyear Tyres Kirton. Store them in a relatively dry place, away from sunlight and other damaging agents. In case this is not possible for you, be sure to rotate the tyres. That will help in preventing flat-spotting.

The wheels of a caravan, adorned with tyres, may closely resemble those of a car, but they are very different. Both costly and Cheap Tyres Kirton have to be designed specifically to be fitted in caravans. So, when you are buying tyres for your camping vehicle, make sure they match the requirements. Mount them correctly and maintain them for a long service period.

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