All you need to know about EU tyre Label

When it comes to purchasing new tyres, we must refer to the EU Labelling of tyres. To sell a tyre in the European countries, one has to mandatorily undergo tyre labeling. To gather more knowledge on Bridgestone Tyres Nottingham for heavy vehicles, a new EU scheme was added which gained effectiveness from May 1, 2021.

There are 3 important tyre maintenance characteristics, which are;

  1. Rolling Resistance
  2. Fuel Efficiency
  3. Slippery road-gripping.

The EU tyre label provides information regarding objectivity, reliability, and comparable information based on these 3 stated characteristics.



The new labelling scheme makes it important for the drivers to have enough knowledge about the tyres, about the safety measures that need to be followed on the road, and how to lower carbon dioxide emissions and save fuel.

We need to note that road safety and fuel savings depend largely on the kind of weather, roads, and the type of vehicle used, and most importantly, the driving manners.


Factors determining the tyre performance


  • Wet Grip: having a strong grip on roads in rainy seasons is essential to avoid road hazards. To check the performance of tyres in water, the wet road rating is very important.  Class A is the highest and E the lowest.
  • Fuel Efficiency: the range of fuel efficiency in tyres starts from grade A to grade E. This range is specifically for a tyre’s rolling resistance. For economic and environmental concerns, fuel consumption needs to be considered.


  • Noise Level: This noise is rated in ranks A, which is the highest. C is the lowest and B falls on average. The road noise can be irritating. Buy a tyre with a good rating.




Certain pictograms are made available relating to the performance of tyres in severe snow conditions or the grip in icy conditions.

These depict the winter and all-season tyres, whose testing has been performed under extreme winter conditions and this testing has provided us with required severe snow performance.

According to an ice grip test, the ice pictogram shows the winter tyres, and it is observed that in such situations, it has delivered an outstanding performance on the ice.

To put it in simple words, these tyres are specially designed for roads covered with snow and ice and these should only be used in extreme weather conditions. It could result in minimal performance if ice grip tyres are used in less severe climatic conditions like the phase of warm winter temperatures.


There is energy degradation as and when the tyre rotates on the road, and then they flex towards and also away from the road surface.

tyres that have low resistance rolling are the most efficient, in terms of energy. This implies that it requires less fuel and energy to move a vehicle.

To save fuel costs, we need to choose energy-efficient tyres.




  • Tyre inflation should be checked once a week
  • Stay distant from the vehicle in front of you
  • Try to avoid harsh accelerations, as it increases both the fuel consumption as well as wearing out of Tyres Nottingham.
  • Excessive weight enhances the amount of fuel consumption
  • Regularly remove extra stuff from your vehicle to prevent weight increase on the vehicle
  • Follow the recommendations given by the vehicle’s manufacturers.