All You Need to Know About The Concept of Intelligent Tyres

The introduction of the internet changed the way we view the world. Various milestones have been achieved through the technologies put forward by the internet. Almost every industry has adopted new technologies.

Similarly, the tyre manufacturing industry has also entered this arena. Many big brands have launched electronic or intelligent tyres. They work on sensors and help in determining the road conditions.

This can be tagged as a huge milestone in the world of Yokohama Tyres production.

One such company is Pirelli. The tyre manufacturing giant has introduced the Cinturato P7 electronic tyre. It is equipped with an intelligent compound that helps the tyre to adapt itself to road conditions.

This tyre is designed to overcome the problems faced by tyres on a regular basis. It is believed that this technology will also help in enhancing the tyre life.

Features Of This Electronic Tyre:

  • The stopping distance of this innovative tyre has been reduced
  • It gives you a silent ride and improved comfort.
  • Since tread patterns play a key role in avoiding accidents on wet roads, the tread pattern of this model has silicone resins for better-wet road performance.

What is an Intelligent tyre?

This is something new. The concept involves the use of sensors and cloud-based algorithms to be able to communicate with the drivers and passengers. For this to happen, the sensor should be connected to an application.

The sensor will then provide the driver with some important information like the tread depth, temperature, road conditions, etc.

How Good Are The Intelligent Tyres?

Intelligent tyres are somewhat similar to electronic tyres. This tyre has been embedded with a sensor that helps in gathering information. The sensor helps in measuring the tyre pressure, temperature, tread depth, surface temperature, road conditions, and wheel alignment.

The active Bluetooth sensing technology helps in maximising tyre performance and safety. Energy harvesting or saving is something that makes the intelligent tyre special. This process is a great way of saving energy and using it in the correct direction.

The silent sensors in the Internet tyre will help in designing and printing digital and electronic IoT components.

Benefits Of Using An Intelligent Tyre

  • Better on-road performance
  • You are alerted as soon as the tyres are over or under-inflated
  • Longevity of tyres
  • Tyre wear
  • Tread indicator

ContiEarth Intelligent Tyres

Another leading tyre manufacturing brand is working on the future of Intelligent tyres. Continental has equipped these tyres with a sensor that helps in monitoring the tyre and the road conditions.

All the Earthmoving tyres by Continental have a sensor fitted inside the tyre body. The sensor closely monitors the inflation and temperature of the tyres. This information is then transmitted to the driver with the help of an application.

How To Increase Your Tyre Life?

Be it a regular tyre or an electronic one, it needs to be taken care of. The tyres require regular inspection of damages and errors. Here is what you should check:

  • Tyre Inflation: The Air Pressure in your tyres need to be apt. Under or over-inflated tyres Coventry can lead to serious tyre damages. Inflation should be checked every week.
  • Tread depth: The minimum tread depth, as mentioned by the UK government is 1.6 mm. Driving with a lesser depth can put you in trouble.
  • Wheel Alignment: Misaligned tyres wear unevenly and quickly. Always keep track of the Wheel Alignment.

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