All You Should Know about Car Wrapping

The looks of your vehicle play an important part in showcasing your standards and enhancing the aesthetics of your car. A lot of motorists prefer to wrap their car, instead of repainting it because wrapping brings along several benefits that a normal coat of car, paint cannot cover. In case, you are looking for more reasons to get a car wrapping, be our guest as we explain why car wrapping is the best option for your vehicle.

But first, it is important to know about the history of car wrapping, so you may get a clear idea of its evolution.

A brief history of car wrapping

Initially, it was started as a plain vinyl wrap to protect the car’s body and provide a shiny finish. But, over time, wrap advertising became popular among the motorist in the automotive world. It was the year of 1993, when a company named- Kay Premium marking films introduced an alternative to maintain cars. However, back then, the car wrapping was limited to German taxis because of their requirement for the beige colour.

In case, you want to know about different types of car wraps, keep on reading as we help you to experience the diversity that you get with car wrapping.

Die-cut Vinyl wrap

An affordable option for advertising your company’s name on your vehicle. Die-cut vinyl wraps help to add a new touch of looks to your car’s body and windows. You may also choose to print a new logo or advertise your company’s name. This may help you to create a strong impression, and generate an increased brand value as well.

Partial vinyl custom wrap

This type of car wrapping Birmingham only covers about 1/3 to 2/3 portion of your vehicle, so you may have a hint of the original look as well. You may choose your brand’s logo, colour, and design. Generally, business owners prefer this type of wrapping.

Fully customized car wrap

If you own a private vehicle and want enhanced looks for your car, a fully customized car wrap is the best deal for you. You may choose from several designs, colours, finishes, to enhance to looks of your vehicle. Generally, people prefer to choose from Satin, Beige, Matte, and chrome finishes, etc.

Additional advantages of getting a car wrapping

  1. It protects the body of your vehicle, especially in cases of accidents and collisions
  2. It enhances the looks of your car and also improves its aesthetics
  3. It works to increase its resale value
  4. You get the option to select from several finishes
  5. The wraps are long-lasting as compared to paint

Another significant advantage of getting a car wrap is the price. A standard car wrap may cost you even lower than a repainting service.

The average cost for getting a car wrapping

Generally, the price depends upon your vehicle’s size, and model. But you may expect it to fall anywhere between 1700-5500 pounds (approx.). However, the price may vary if your car has underlying body damages that need to be repaired before getting a car wrap.

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