All about damages to alloy wheels

If you are not sure how to detect damage on your alloy wheels, you should continue reading this post. We all know the problems that arise when driving your vehicle, from scratches and kerb damages to cuts and premature wear, the list can be huge. If for any reason your wheel gets damaged, keep driving on it can be pretty dangerous. Therefore, the best alternative is to repair it as soon as possible before other parts of your car get damaged as well.

There is nothing worse than ruining your alloys and being left with unappealing scratches. Alloy wheels are quite costly, and the last thing you want to do is scrape and damage them. It can be unsafe and make your vehicle look outdated. The good news is that, in many cases, the damage can be easily treatable, so there is no need to worry. Repairing your alloy wheels is very easy, next time you get your Wieluitlijning Utrecht, ask your mechanic to also inspect the exterior of your wheels and their condition.

One of the first things you need to know is what kind of damage you face and what parts exactly can be safely repaired. From scratches, chips, and kerb damage, you can always revive your alloys, but always remember to contact a professional, they will be able to inspect each wheel and inform you of the best procedure.

Several different types of wheel damage can be repaired, the most popular are:

Dent damage

When you drive at high speeds, especially in the night, those pesky potholes are hard to spot. In case you accidentally hit one of them, it is recommended to check your alloys right away as they can have a big dent that will not only harm your car, but it can also create long-term consequences once you use your vehicle again.

kerbs and scratches

Parking is one of the most difficult tasks that most drivers in the UK must perform, and probably the most common way to seriously damage your alloy wheels is to accidentally scrape the sidewall of your tyres while doing this complicated task.

Sidewalks are usually constructed of concrete, when it has minimal interaction with the tyre, this could cause wear or scratches on your alloy wheel. In general, your tyres should only have superficial damage.

If you drive near to the road or miscalculate while parking your car, you will most definitely end up with a scratched edge that not only looks bad but ruins the entire look of your vehicle; it can be expensive to repair, so this is something you will surely need to fix right away.

Buckled and cracked wheels

Buckles and small curves are not always visible. If you bend or crack the wheel this can cause some problems and you should no longer drive your car as this can cause further damage not only to the rest of the wheel but also to your tyres and vehicle.

Pothole damage

One of the biggest complaints from motorists is potholes, which can damage wheels and tyres alike. Poorly paved roads can negatively affect car wheels. Potholes can easily damage your tyres and can cause premature wear.

Like tyres, wheels also contribute to your comfort and the overall performance of your car. Scratching your wheels while driving affects your daily routine. We know how much you love your car, get your auto reparatie Utrecht and make sure everything is under control.


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