Appearing in an MOT Test? Make Sure Your Car Performs the Right Way

An MOT test is the annual performance check for a vehicle that you have to take mandatorily. Your car has to appear in this test provided it is 3 years old.


Back in 2018, the UK Government made significant changes to this test making it even more stringent. Now, your car receives a tag depending on its condition.

These include:

  • Minor – Your vehicle is safe to drive, but you will be served with advisory notices on the underlying issues which you need to repair as early as possible.
  • Major – Your car fails the test, and you need repairs immediately.
  • Dangerous – Your vehicle also fails the test and is grounded unless you address the faults.

Pass or Advisory are the two tags you must aim for which certifies your car is worthy of driving with zero or minor, repairs respectively.

How to do that?

Head over to a car garage like Matmore Motors for a pre-MOT check. Such car garages will check all the components of your vehicle and suggest repairs or replacements based on that. Only with such a check will you be able to pass an MOT test in Spalding.

What do they check?

Some of the critical components that car garages check include:

  1. Exhaust system

The exhaust system converts the harmful gases produced during combustion to CO2 and water. It then evacuates the same out of your car. A typical exhaust system utilises components like an exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, silencer, and others to do so.

Look out for these symptoms:

Few symptoms that might indicate problems with your vehicle’s exhaust system –

  • Vibrations in the steering wheel, seat, or foot pedals.
  • Smell of fuel inside the cabin.
  • Lower power and acceleration.
  • Decreased fuel economy.
  • Burning smell from under the hood.

What to do?

Head over to your nearest car garage as soon as possible to get the problem diagnosed and addressed.

  1. Battery

Another critical component powering the majority of your car’s electrics is the battery. It also enables you to start your vehicle. Hence, a dead or dying battery will cause all the previous mentioned to act funny; for example, dim headlights.

Although a dying battery can lead to numerous problems, charging or replacing it might not solve the problem. The alternator is the one charging a battery. Hence, faults in this component will render the battery charge-less.

Whatever the situation is, take your car to a professional garage for a proper solution.

  1. Tyres

Did you know that 10% to 20% of your car’s fuel consumptions depend on the tyres? Yes. So, keep them healthy.


  • Check for abnormal wear.
  • Rotate them.
  • Keep them correctly inflated.

Also, a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm is mandatory for your car to pass an MOT test. Insert a 20p coin to check the same. If the outer rim of the coin is protruding, then the tread depth is dangerously low.

  1. Other components

Other components checked in an MOT test include –

  • Suspension
  • Fuel emissions
  • Steering

Other than the above, almost all components in your car starting from its horn to its lights, mirrors to wipers, the windscreen to the registration plate is check in an MOT test in Spalding or anywhere else in the UK. Hence, a pre-test becomes critical before you appear in the original one.

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