Are Run Flat Tyres Beneficial?

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Among the latest tyre development technologies is the run-flat tyre. The motoring manufacturers are increasing in number in recent times due to the flourishing industry of automobiles. The extensive use of modern technology and constant researches on the tyre designs really help in upgrading the standard of the tyres regularly. Run-flat tyres can be considered as one such successful innovative design.

If you are wondering that how beneficial a run-flat tyre will be for you, then you shall get your answer here. But first, let us know a little about what is flat run Tyres Baschurch.

Run Flat Tyre Is?

After pneumatic tyres, the very next significant invention in tyre manufacturing is what we know as the run-flat tyre. These are vehicle tyres obviously of pneumatic origin but have a special feature of reducing the deflation rate in case of a puncture. So in simple words, it is better to have these run-flat tyres for your car as it shall help in an unfortunate event of a tyre puncture. Just so you know, the run-flat tyres are capable of maintaining flat tyres temporarily as it reduces the deflation effects and does not fix it automatically. Depending on some factors, run-flat tyres can run for another 10 to 50 miles after the puncture. This gives enough time after the mishap to reach some local garage or service centre.


There are three basic types of run-flat tyres, namely self-supporting, self-sealing and auxiliary supported. While self-supporting ones are really tough as they have thick and strong sidewalls, similarly self-sealing is made of layers of rubber, with sealants in it. Both are used in passenger cars and light trucks. It is said that the second technology is not that dependable as the first one. On the other hand, the auxiliary supported one gives an additional ring attached to the wheel as support. This allows the Tyres Wem to run with heavy loads at high speeds and for longer distances than the other two types, even after a flat tyre occurs. This third type can be considered the most durable.


There are several positive aspects of these kinds of tyres which can be really beneficial for most. Let us discuss some common benefits here.

  • The most important reason why it is considered as a beneficial option is safety. If you have run-flat tyres fitted to your car or vehicle, the road risks go down to a great degree. This is so because these tyres help you to not lose control all of a sudden due to the puncture.
  • You can also avoid halting at an unsafe or criminal area as these tyres can run for quite some time after the puncture, at reduced speeds.
  • These tyres buy you some considerable amount of time and distance after a tyre puncture so you can drive to the nearby service station to get help.

There are many more benefits of a run-flat tyre but the above mentioned are the basic benefits and the most important ones. So if you have been thinking of buying a set for your vehicle, you won’t regret it.

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