Are run-flats Safe or Not?

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When you are out for a good buy for car tyres, you should keep in mind the latest tyre technologies and their products besides the standard ones. This shall be beneficial for you and your vehicle. Modern technologies associated with tyres production are dedicated to resolving all the existing issues with modern-day cars and, in the process, try to make your drive smooth and comfy.

One of the newest tyre technologies that most of the tyre manufacturers throughout the globe are utilizing is the run-flat tyre technology. This is the closest answer to a puncture-proof tyre. Over the several decades, flat tyres have been disturbing and unnecessary trouble for the drivers as they interrupt the drive. But even after a lot of research and development of tyres, there has been no way to avoid it completely. Therefore the best thing next to a full proof solution for flat tyres is the use of the run-flats. So let us know a little in detail about it.


Run-flat tyres are made typically for the pneumatic tyre vehicles, which have the provision of fitting pneumatic tyres on its wheels. Run flats are designed specially and thoughtfully to avoid the problems that arise out of a tyre puncture. These Goodyear Tyres retain the air pressure in the tyres even after a puncture so that the vehicle moves for another few miles to reach a safe place or where help can be found. At the time of such emergencies, even a few more extra miles can seem to be a blessing, and so these run-flat tyres make it happen for your convenience.

So, in short, these tyres are a lifesaver during sudden tyre emergency in the middle of the road, and they help by reducing the deflation rate even if the car moves. Therefore, most people in the tyre industry consider Run-flat tyres the next most significant tyre revolution after the pneumatic tyre invention. There are enough reasons to support this argument.


A little about how the idea came over and became so popular among the car owners should be known. Even though it is considered a budding tyre technology but it has its roots in another time. Roughly around the year 1892, the run-flat tyre was patented for the first time in history, but it saw many developments over the years then. To be precise, it was redeveloped in 1978 and then given out as a preference to the two-seater sports car. Although it was still in experimental use, it was offered to those sports vehicles with no space for a spare tyre. But it did not take much time for the scene to change. Gradually, the luxury car manufacturers found them quite impressive for their unique safety and reliability, comfortability, and convenience. Unfortunately, this also made them quite a costly affair. But now, with the rising demand for these tyres, it has been absorbed even in the making of standard modern cars for the mass.


There are mainly two types of run-flats available now, one being a self-supporting tyre and the other is known as the auxiliary supported tyres. The first variety is like an independent tyre that can block the hole created out of an unwanted event and then seal it with a sealant inside it. The sealant oozes out of the hole to prevent any more airflow passage, hence, arresting the deflation process even after a puncture.

On the other hand, the auxiliary supported variety has an additional support ring attached to the vehicle’s wheel. This does not interfere with the normal functioning of the wheels and tyres of the automobile. But in the event of a puncture, it provides support to the wheels to balance the weight of the whole vehicle and help it move forward for some more miles even if there is low or no air pressure in the Cheap Tyres Tamworth due to deflation.

So, we can see that the run-flat tyre technology is extremely helpful in sudden unfortunate situations and helps the owner drive to a safe spot after facing a flat tyre. Although one cannot say that there are absolutely no pitfalls in this technology, surely the advantages are way more than that. This is why most owners find it extremely safe and convenient, leading to its high demand in the tyre market.

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