Are Wheel Spacers Useful?

Wheel spacers are typically used to install large tyres. These are devices which fit over the car’s holding bracket. They increase the offset or the distance between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel. They are matched with a car’s bolt pattern and fit over the existing studs, and it allows the wheel to be mounted normally.

The apparent benefit of the wheel spacers the UK is that it allows bigger tyres to be mounted on a car, it can lead to increased vehicle performance and improved appearance. They are mainly used to increase the vehicle’s handling (mainly its traction). As the further the wheel is mounted from the hub assembly the better will be its grip, or its traction while cornering. As the wheel is set further away from the hub assembly when using wheel spacers, the traction that a vehicle has when cornering improves considerably. They are used merely to extend the wheels outward from the car to give it an exciting look.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Wheel Spacers?

  1. Wheel spacers can sometimes make the steering feel heavy while driving. This depends on the size of the package of the wheel spacers which are used. You can create a wider track for your vehicle to follow when using wheel spacers. This means more effort is required to navigate turns and curves. Hence, more skills are needed in the driver’s seat to stay on the right track. Also, installing a half-inch wheel spacer will not give the same robust effect as with a 2-inch spacer.

  1. If wheel spacers Coventry are installed at the back of your car while excluding the front, you would receive the advantage of more grip from the rear wheel. This means the driver would want to understeer when they approach a corner, with the front trending outside, and this could adversely affect the overall balance of the vehicle.

  1. Wheel spacers give your vehicle a more aggressive but an enhanced look. They push out the wheels and make the car appear dominating and fierce on the road.

  1. They give your car improved stability every time you take a turn and drive around corners. This is mainly because the tyres are far away from each other. Once this happens, the weight of the vehicle gets evenly distributed onto the four wheels. This results in much better handling of the car by the driver.

  1. Wheel spacers can be used in case if you do not have an offset that is not right and which prevents the driver from installing rims (which are not of the right size). In this case, wheel spacers will help to fit these rims into the wheels easily. Additionally, you would not have to worry about the rim hitting the control arms, coil overs or the suspension.

What Is The Down-Side Of Using Wheel Spacers?

  1. Using the wheel spacers only means breaking the contact between the ball bearing and the wheels. Due to its sizing, the wheel bearing life may reduce or in the worst case could lead to premature failure of the wheel.

  1. With the extension of the car’s track width due to the wheel spacers, the scrub radius and the inner fender-well clearance also increases. This results in the driver having to put more effort into turning their car. This also causes the steering wheel to recentre itself much quicker.

  1. Safety can be a cause for concern which can arise due to the improper installation of wheel spacers. This means that bad installation of wheel spacers by a non-professional can interrupt the bending of the wheel stud due to uneven torque circling.

Lastly, it can be concluded that whether wheel spacers are good or bad for your vehicle, depends on the driver and their vehicle. To take an informed decision, it is always good to consult a trained technician from your local garage like Wheels UK and be sure of your investment.

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