Avoid Failing Your Next MOT Test with These Useful Tips

In the UK, an annual MOT check is mandatory for every vehicle for more than 3 years old. An MOT check is performed to ensure your car is roadworthy. Now, the MOT test might seem like an unnecessary expense for some drivers; however, it is unavoidable. Moreover, this test reveals your car’s potential problems that could take a toll on your safety. So it’s better to stop lamenting and gear up to pass this test at first attempt!

It is estimated that 40% of vehicles in the UK failed the MOT test in 2018. Though this figure might scare you, you need to make sure that your car isn’t one of the rejected.

So, what can be done about it?

Well, keep reading to find out how you could increase your chances of passing this MOT check with flying colours. Below are some useful tips to assure you’re not caught with any note-worthy faults. It’s classified into 2 types – exterior and interior.

Here you go!


  • Wheels & tyres

First, check your tyres’ tread depth (must be 1.6mm at least). If you notice any signs of wear & tear, get the tyres repaired. In case, they’re severely affected replacement is necessary. For a professional tyre check-up, repair or replacement, you can rely on reputed licensed workshops like Roberts Tyres.

Another critical aspect to check is wheel alignment. Suppose, if you’re a vehicle owner in Alfreton, get a wheel alignment diagnosis at any local garage before you take your car for an MOT in Heckington.

  • Lights

Make sure all the lights in your vehicle are in proper working condition. Headlamps, reverse lights, indicators and parking lights – everything must function properly.

  • Wipers and windscreen

Your vehicle’s wipers and windscreen must perform well enough to ensure clear visibility. Remove any unnecessary stickers and also look out for minor chip or cracks on the windshield. Get it fixed before you turn up for the MOT.

  • Registration plate

Make sure your car’s registration plate is tightly attached to them, and the plate is readable from a distance.

  • Doors

All the doors must properly close to pass an MOT check. The rear door (for luggage) must attach firmly.

  • Clean your car

The first impression is the best impression” – says a famous proverb.

Hence, keep your car spick-and-span before you turn up for an MOT in Heckington.


  • Warning lights

MOT stresses on the proper functioning of warning lights on the dashboard. Make sure they’re working correctly. Also, check if the speedometer and odometer are fully functional.

  • Seatbelts

Faulty seatbelts are a strict No-No! Before you head to a test centre, check appropriately if the seatbelts are firmly rooted to the seats and attach securely on your body. Also, make sure it releases easily.

  • Horn

Give your car’s horn a few honks making sure it is easily audible from a distance.

  • Mirrors

Check if all the mirrors are in perfect condition. Also, see that if the rear parking assistance is accurately functioning.